Asbestos industrial use 1959

asbestos improves in many ways the industrial paraphernalium that stimulates the countless commodities we use daily asbestos finds cure shield the thousands of miles of gas and oil transmission lines against corrosion the basis of almost every industrial process is heat on process pipes and equipment across the nation asbestos separation by conserve heat reduce industry’s gasoline bill by hundreds of millions annually certainly it has been progress in asbestos isolation standing higher and higher temperatures that has helped make possible many of the brand-new processes and new concoctions that improve our daily living the motive power of Industry is also conserved by asbestos spouts compressors implements all kinds of reciprocating oscillating and rotating material operate more efficiently because of asbestos bundling and asbestos gaskets foreclose the escape of flowings and gases from a wide variety of pressure jugs asbestos friction information restricted motion defy the hot startle and tighten of restraint nursing and secreting the rhythms of cranes teaches dredges and other heavy rig you

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