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asbestos containing materials concealed within existing commodities have been in use for thousands of years in fact it was mined from rock-and-roll formation in ancient times as a wick for lamps tablecloths textile products and other helpful components in modern times asbestos has been used for countless concoctions such as fireproofing pipe insulation theatre screens placing roofing gaskets and parcelling water and sewer tube and more in liquid and wastewater works asbestos cement piping may contain as much as 20% asbestos or more which is used as reinforcement for the piping much in the same way steel is used to reinforce concrete in aqueducts and houses nonetheless we must understand that the plaster used in the pipe can cheapen over day therefore increasing the risk of fiber secrete the types of asbestos squandered are both the serpentine Chrissa tile and kindly Amma site and cross it alight some people think that asbestos was banned by the EPA so there is no more asbestos however the ban was overturned by the courts so it is safe to say asbestos is still in existence today in some constitute or another in spite of the fact that many producers claim years when asbestos was no longer contained in their produces their prior product line still contains asbestos in fact many companies still have tons of material or pipelines regulations require that employees must be informed of the presence of asbestos containing produces in addition only fully trained individuals should be allowed to perform work with asbestos containing makes or run where fibers may be released in the air a major deception who are present is that no asbestos is liberated from produces such as gaskets backpack or cementitious materials the employer must also ensure that proper containment storage and labeling of asbestos containing products are complied with until picked up by an asbestos licensed waste management firm it’s also important to consider the certification training and qualifications of any contractors before bidding or starting work with AC pipe or referred commodities so be sure to obtain copies of any countenances licenses and training certifications for your due diligence file if employees will be using respiratory protection then the employer must develop and implement a full respiratory shelter program including training physicals and fit testing at a minimum the anticipated stage of respiratory shield will vary depending on an industrial cleanlines prediction of aerosolized the different levels of an asbestos freeing most asbestos products come from fibrous different forms of the mineral asbestos fibers have not yet been detectable odor or appreciation but can have unique shades depending upon the variety such as white brown and blue the three most common types of asbestos fibers are Chrissa tile or white asbestos which has white fibers accounting for 90 to 95 percent of u.s.Asbestos and use amis ight which inspects brown or gray-headed with straight fibers and Priscilla light which has off-color straight-from-the-shoulder fibers be sure to consult the MSDS that comes with your hose or other asbestos containing makes to ensure that you have a good understanding of the amount of asbestos and other important safety information provided by the MSDS under a microscope asbestos fibers glance something like porcupine quills which stand fibers to move freely through human tissue intent up in any number of organs the most dangerous fibers are the ones which are more easily breath deep into the lungs one of the most important considerations concerning asbestos pertained infection is what is known as the latency stage which is the time between showing and the onset of the disease professionals agree that there is usually a latent period of 10 to 25 years in some different forms of asbestos cancer from initial showing and onset of ailment however some works exposed for 40 times or more may not become ill whereas others exposed for shorter periods of time will develop disease the most common disease asbestosis is progressive and formerly it begins is incurable nonetheless is not cancerous it essentially clots the respiratory system by scarring lung tissue bronchogenic carcinoma is primarily related to workers with asbestos exposure and also smoke mesothelioma and other lung cancers are lethal and have a potential latency period from 20 to 40 years or more here is the kicker if you smoke and work with asbestos your cancer gamble rushes by as much as 93 percent so if you smoke quit now it’s never too late cal/ osha headed the room with the development of standards solely for working with AC pipe and can be found in the construction industry standard for asbestos region one five to nine and in the general industry safety fiats segment five to 0-8 California occupational safety and health regulations three for 1.17 and Labor Code segment 6501 level eight subsection C the Federal OSHA standards can be located in the OSHA’s construction industry standard for occupational revelation to asbestos subpart z 29 CFR one nine to six speck 1 1 0 1 asbestos safety and health professionals use specialized instrumentation and analysis in order to measure the amount of asbestos fibers in the employees breathing zone a special filter is attached to an air pump and placed on the employee the filter is analyzed under a microscope to specify the employees revelation grade the current admissible show grade is 0.1 fibers per CC of aura over an eight-hour shift or a short-term exposure of no more than 1 fiber per CC of breeze over a 30 hour point we will be discussing minut quantities of asbestos now compare that for example the removal of a piece asbestos flange gasket employing a dominance cable touch and the fiber liberation can be as high as 95 fibers per CC of aura into the breathing zone of the worker an important aspect of the standard is the requirement for specific training consisting of a four hour initial direction and to our annual refresher rehearsal this video is designed to augment a CE pipe training and provide safety information in a format useful to teaches and employees alike prior to commencing work with AC pipe the employer must ensure that there is at least one employee delegate as a proficient person who is civilized and capable of identifying existing asbestos hazards at the workplace is a sign to determine if lucks exist he is qualified to supervise workers and has the authority to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate a hazardous exposure to asbestos hires must follow their organizations safety procedures for a/ c hose and wear the required personal protective paraphernalium studies has been demonstrated that done properly utilizing engineering insures such as the soak method along with scoring and click tools will limit or prevent the liberate of asbestos fibers below the OSHA exposure level however this is not mean we walk away from the use of protective robe equipment systems careful estimate must be given when considering the choices in personal protective material and if there is a requirement employing a powered carbide cut-off find has been shown to generate levels as high as 1,000 fibers per CC of breeze or 10,000 durations the current allow osha show restraint selection of PPE is based upon the tasks to be performed as well as industrial hygiene testing to determine the levels of asbestos if any again depending upon the exposure elevations PPE might include disposable coveralls gauntlets respiratory protection foot protection such as rubber boots or chute embraces as well as safety glasses or any other equipment necessary for the job be sure to carefully clean or dispose of equipment so asbestos does not get moved into the office truck cab or residence never under any circumstances use an air hose to remove asbestos cement dust from your equipment or your attire and by the way be sure to launder your hands before munching or drinking to avoid ingesting asbestos containing textiles before starting work be sure your organization has an AC pipe plan this plan is important to substantiate activities and plan for work to be performed in the safest mode possible important elements of a good schedule might have been but not be limited to establishing a toil orbit expending alarm strip signage barricades fencing or other means to keep unauthorized parties apart monitoring the job allowing merely civilized and countenanced employees into the area ensuring that no access is allowed into the permitted area without the required personal protective rig contriving the job to avoid chipping piping by the use of full-length pipe and couplings building a trash containment sphere is stipulated where wrap piping and debris can be contained shall further seek to ensure that the proficient being scrutinizes and administers proletarians to ensure that work activities are play-act properly and workers are following safe work practices in most cases piping will need to be exposed by the use of a backhoe or other paraphernalium so take care to avoid abrading the hose to prevent fiber release remember to wet the tube with amended water as you go to prevent fiber release helped spray is liquid that has a surfactant such as a small amount of liquid soap to attain the sea a bit sticky be sure there’s enough office for saddles tapping machines cutters and of course your containment method a lot of gaskets and packing materials used in years past contained asbestos so take care to keep them wet and administer carefully to avoid damage and the release of asbestos fibers as well when possible piping should be removed intact never injure or quash piping to make it easier or more handy always wet and wrap each pipe division as it’s removed be sure that the plastic wrap is securely fastened and taped to close the pipe purposes it’s a good idea to use a thick-witted coat or other special varnish product to seal the gash intention or break-dance divisions to prevent fiber release place an asbestos warning label on the tube and stockpile the waste on plastic and containerized in a designated area if chipping pipe is necessary simply use material that doesn’t generate junk such as a snap cutter or other specialized equipment a snap cutter contains a set of trimming motors on a chain that’s wrap around the pipe hydraulic pressure is applied by squeezing the motors into the pipe wall until the piping smashes be sure to keep a constant spraying of amended sea on the slash at all epoch a single word of forethought carbide tipped cutting blades should never be used to cut a C pipe due to the potential of fiber secrete crowded LEDs are designed to trim and bevel hose in order to replicate the factory bevel lathes are usually operated by hand electrical or pneumatic supremacy in order to trim and bevel the pipe again keep the cutting area wet as these devices can secrete extended the different levels of respirable asbestos dust wet sounds are used for service attachments such as saddles and corporation stops while the piping is under pressure the chamber protects against water leakage creating a dust free procedure is secure to treat the coupon as you would any other AC rubbles wrapping and jettisoning of it properly drei sounding for service associates may be performed in or out of the furrow like the moisture sound the equipment is attached with a bondage it’s important to prevent dust contemporary so this method will require an amended water spray to prevent asbestos dust from being released is secure to flush with sea moisten pipe or use a HEPA vacuum to remove debris never dry clean or blow out AC to sail with squeezed breeze under any circumstances there are some cases where abrasive implements and meets might be necessary for working with AC pipe nonetheless these implements is required to be specially designed by the manufacturer with a incessant equip of spray in order to eradicate or dominance dust recollect these methods should only be used when approved by your organization and only for a short time by learnt personnel with a incessant generator of pressurise water never jury-rigged a spray force on any paraphernalium not designed by the manufacturer for the work with AC pipe clean up and proper disposal is highly important for safely working with AC pipe we’ve mentioned previously several times but in cases where you missed it remember in all AC pipe work avoid creating dust good housework and control of trash can be handled by covering the field with a reveal tight stratum of six mil or more plastic all debris should be kept wet but not so wet is to generate runoff you might also leave any expendable costumes and gauntlets in the containment as well after finishing the employment the plastic should be carefully folded and sealed to prevent leakage use another seam of plastic around the first layer to limit incidental spillage and be sure to attach the proper warning label warning labels must be affixed to all scrap garbage debris and other asbestos containing materials and debris as well as the containers they will be stored in be sure to plan for a special location to store your garbage AC pipe that has also been ordered with six mil plastic retain wherever there is work that might generate pipe dust or debris descriptions or mansions must be clearly posted so that employees will be notified of the hazard properly dumping of hazardous waste is mandatory and your local hazardous waste agency can provide you with guidance for the suitable dumping procedures we already know that any implement or practise that has the possibility of producing dust must never be used as there is a high probability that dust will be generated beyond the permissible or short-term exposure restrictions therefore must never be used under any circumstances of course we are familiar not to dry clean or use breeze to blow a ocean piping debris right expending these or other methods is not only improper it can be deadly and not just to you and your co-workers you can unknowingly bring us bestest fibers residence to their own families on your cloak boots and by many other ways as well think about it you come home and your babies run up to hug your dusty clothing they’ve just been disclosed and so is your wife when she handles your robes in order to wash them yes there have been cases where the family members of works have contracted asbestos associated cancers including cancer ever use the procedures adopted by your organization and as mandated by OSHA you might also obtain and read a supportive booklet developed by the American Water Works Association entitled work practices for asbestos cement hose this publication can provide valuable intelligence for lay or maintaining asbestos cement pipe employing safe procedures the asbestos found in AC cement pipe is a hazardous fabric but you are eligible to constitute abusing and handling the product safer by following the rules and taking time to work safely every responsibility can be done in a safe and healthy manner it just takes a bit of endeavor and commitment on your part and being aware of the hazards and adopting safe work practices is the key you and your family is worth the effort thank you

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