mesothelioma – HSE Asbestos Awareness Video

three years down the line is about as much as what I can hope for at the moment well it’s pretty much spoilt down family there is no cure I run a small building business with all propagations and things I work for his associations convene huge as in into marshes we’re gonna say about 18 months ago I only had some tenderness in my chest I get around the doctors he pictured I’d plucked a muscle till 3 weeks later he’s still a mansion or what up research hospitals to a chest x-ray they set me up two chaps I was lost for three days they take a sample from inside you lon went back me said you’ve got mesothelioma and so what’s that he said it’s long bonds that are formed in between the line of your lung so they always said what’s the medication said well there’s very little treatment said you know he said the it’s his terminal certainly so it’s a little brownie well if I had known about it was a teenager will not firstly use asbestos there’s only a small time is exclusively maybe once or twice a year undoubtedly I would have placed a disguise on or I’ll do a fuse to use it but I knew nothing about anything nothing at all it’s taken away eighty five percent of what I used to is certainly so I’ve been in hospital for probably three months I’ve gone through a quite a lot of pain and my life has been cut short if I’m very lucky as I’ve got three years left it might not be that long it may be a year well mesothelioma is for many parties hard utterance to say and as an illness that many people have never heard of but it doesn’t mean it’s not a major healthcare trouble and we’re in the middle of an epidemic here in the United kingdom government and in the course of the coming five to six years we’re expecting that epidemic to peak with more beings dying of asbestos pertained malady than of road traffic accidents so this is a this is a major issue and feigns young people across the country so the the asbestos fiber it’s a mineral which which comes out of the grind as a fiber it is very tiny and that’s the that is the trouble this is a mineral that can form a dirt and penetrate the lungs and because of its very tiny diameter can infiltrate very deeply into the lungs so I think younger people working in trades which could potentially expose them to asbestos need to remember that this is this is not an old man’s story and asbestosis still ubiquitous in buildings erected certainly right up until the end of the last century of the 20 th century

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