LES Playground Used For Asbestos Testing

signalings warning of asbestos a cancer and lung disease hazard hanging in the playground of the city leads Stuart Park lives on Broome Street concern for parents that have children I have grandkids that come and visit they’re not visiting now the moves and the jives off limits because the building is being decontaminated construction workers are repointing bricks disturbing the harmful element and routing it into the air in these white-hot tents workers remove their hazmat dress and there’s even a shower if they’re going in there with the disguises and you know the jumpsuits why don’t “were having” concealments and jumpsuits I don’t think it’s fair who’s coming out to check out our breeze aspect did you ask them if you are safe now yeah and there was no answer the New York City Housing Authority says a third party is regularly testing the air quality and that the results are within state restraints 9 – disclaimed our request for an on-camera interview so over the phone I would like to know why they chose the playground to set up these decontamination tents a spokeswoman told me because there’s a lack of outdoor space the union rep for the construction workers says the signs and the blood-red caution tape are a precaution meantime people who live here are taking their own safety measures closing their windows “womens issues” says she babysits and she’s maintenance her kids far away but I make them to the park down the block now so I have no choice teenagers should be able to play here by Saturday but residents say they’d rather dally it safe than exposure their kids to potential poison on the Lower East Side Lisa Rosner CBS 2 News and before children will be allowed to play there again NYCHA says a contractor will wash down the playground and test the air quality to make sure

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