asbestos Asbestos is a fibrous mineral, resistant to chemical corrosion and thermal insulation, and very strong. It has also been added to the building information of countless aged houses. As a worker or homeowner, there is a risk when rehabilitating or shattering. The danger is that asbestos dust will be released into the air. When workers breathe, asbestos dust enters the mouth and nasal cavity, and then runs penetrating into the lungs along the respiratory tract. Dust settles in the fragile lung material, and the lung tissue communicates the sucked oxygen to the blood. The cadres of the immune plan tried to break down the asbestos dust, but were damaged and died. The blemish tissue formed around the dead cells becomes larger and larger as more dust is embedded in the scar tissue of the lungs. Asbestos dust can stay in the lungs for a long time, And the resulting scar tissue will continue to develop for many years after inhaling asbestos dust. Eventually, due to the development of so much scar tissue, the lungs stopped succeeding. Since 2000, more employees in British Columbia have died of asbestos disease The death toll from any other work-related accident is high. For information on how to protect yourself from exposure to asbestos, please visit ..

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