What to Check Before Buying Roof Insulation in Australia

Whether your room is 10 or 50 year olds, it may be time for you to top up your existingroof insulation or oust it all together. Installing roof insulation is a great wayto improve comfort, abbreviate your vigor bills and create a more sustainable home.In this video we will give some tips on what to consider before buyingroof separation in Australia. The first thing you want to look out foris the quality of your existing insulation.If youve had any issues withrodents, humidity or mould, it is important to get the insulation removed. Ok, so now were up in the ceiling and the first thing that you want to look out for is the quality of your existing insulation. So this here is blow-in insulation and atthe moment its in a clean and cool circumstance, so were right to exactly insulatestraight on top of that. Many volume-built homes in Australia exclusively havea thin layer of separation, so exceeding this up with another stratum of insulation batts is a greatway to improve the energy efficiency of your dwelling. The next important step is to check your wiring.If the house was constructed prior to the opening of 1960 and it still has black wiring, then you are able to get it checkedby an electrician before starting the install. Sometimes the outer action becomes brittle, and you could get issues with overheating.Some dwellings wont have any roof insulation at all, asyou can see here. Then you can go ahead and quantify the infinite between the joists, so you know whichinsulation to buy. Joist spacings can go, so check in a couple of parts. Spacingsin Australia are usually 450 mm or 600 mm wide. Nonetheless, you can always chipped the batts to size.Its also important to check the manhole size. It needs to be about 450 mm x450mm to fit the insularity parcels. Otherwise you can remove the roof tiles orthe metal sheeting to access the roof space. Youre now ready to order yourinsulation online at Pricewise Insulation. If you are topping up existing roof isolation, then we would recommend R4. 0 or R5. 0 batts in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and R3. 0 or R4. 0 inBrisbane and Perth. This really depends on the thickness of your existing insulation.If your dwelling does not have any insulation, then we would recommend upgrading toa higher R-value like R5. 0 or R6. 0. Insulation for a usual suburban homehas a payback period of little than four years, so it is well worth the investment.We hope that this video was helpful, go and check out our other videos orvisit our website for more information. www.pricewiseinsulation.com.au.


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