Australian Government and Northern Territory Government Asbestos Removal Program

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. It can be used in a range of materials becauseof its versatility. Its strong, hot resistant and has insulatingproperties. Asbestos can be woven into fibers, mixedwith plaster, even used in brake liners. In fact, it could be used for everything, from fireproof vests to building material. When asbestos is broken, tiny fibresare exhausted and they can be breathed into our lungs. The staples perforate our lungs and effect disfiguring. The asbestos fibres are still under our lungs andscarring continues to develop and spread for many years. Health problems and disease can take yearsto become obvious. In Australia asbestos was widely used between1 946 and 1980, nonetheless, in the 70 s when the perils to folks state became more apparent, it was phased out.It was censored wholly in 2003. Asbestos is ever present in the Northern Territorysremote Indigenous communities – in lives, in browses, in ballparks, in landfills, even on the seas.( Speaking Aboriginal language) Many residents are unaware of the dangersof asbestos. There was still legends of young children playingamongst crumple asbestos buildings, and boys vandalising asbestos-containing materialin old-time houses. We need to protect each other from the dangersof asbestos. With Federal fund, the Northern TerritoryDepartment of Local Government and Community Assistance has implemented a project to reducethe risk of asbestos in public constructs in 54 remote Indigenous societies. By the end of June 2016, all immediate andmedium likelihood asbestos will have been removed from these public assets.However, those constructs still contain lowrisk asbestos and in those cases, theyve been named with stickers that indicatethe health risks. The Federal Government is working towardseradicating asbestos all together by the year 2030. The programme operates from the Tiwi Islands, Groote Eylandt, across the whole of the northern region through the Central region privilege theway down to the southern region where we are now in Santa Teresa. But the programme itself has developed to becomeslightly more than just an asbestos safety remediation, its actually developed ita significant neighbourhood employment and local improvement curriculum but its also been a tremendousresponse by the local people in wanting to participate in the program and understandabout asbestos, their risk of asbestos and then participating in making their own communitiessafe. What is most important once wevegot it in the bag and videotapeed it down, and weve wiped it down? What is the most important thing we have tohave on the crate? Labelled. Yeah. Youre spending in this case $ 19.6 milliondollars across the whole of the Northern Territory, there must be some benefits that accrue tolocal parties, going into local communities and youre spending money in the local communities, only reasonable that we should manufacture every effort to ensure that there is an opportunityfor local fiscal participation. Good, so it suctions it there, you know itsairtight.Ok. Ready for take-off? So the program has rolled out in a significantnumber of communities and in those communities we have mainly studied males, youngmen chiefly, so the department decided to approach the remaining societies on a bit more equitablebasis. This asbestos removal platform is providingtraining and employment opportunities for women in remote parishes. Its a historic moment for us, wevegot five girlfriends taught up in nationally accredited asbestos removal.( Speaking Aboriginal language) just going to introduce these people whohave come out to do a little of exertion around the community removing asbestos Some of its actually down in our tradetraining core out the back We have been conducting seminars at the schoolto various age group. When were working, “were having” these signsin place. This one means youve got to wear a halfmask and a special suit that wont contaminate her attire, because when removing asbestos, theres always a chance that asbestos fibers, dust, could be released in the air. So if you construe a sticker like this, thatmeans that material contains asbestos.You shouldnt break it, knock it, crash it, do anything to it that would make any dust or fibres. When you see cracked debris on the dirt, we really want to teach the kids to stay away from it. And actually having all these Indigenous ladiestrained up, hopefully the aim is that they can go out and they can do a safe removal, teach others and likewise transfers the meaning on and make their community safe. Everything is done in compliance with codesand legislation, drawing sure there is no danger to anyone. Because asbestos fibres are invisible to oureyes, expert hygienists are used to monitor the aura around permission areas. Ill be handling our monitoring aroundthe boundary during removal employs, and every night Ill check the fibre results and illissue that to the mines daily.Following removal, Ill come in and do clearancesto make sure they removed everything appropriately. Remove tacks, remove any waste materials andthen Ill issue a clearance certificate. Will inhaling one asbestos fibre movement youdamage? No, nonetheless the higher the show, the higherthe risk. So if youre knocking in the walls of anasbestos constructing youre probably breathing in an enormous amount of asbestos fibers. But asbestos is no longer consumed is it? It is, asbestos can be found in makes thatare imported under to Australia as well as patently in the products that are still in use. Is picking up asbestos hazardous? Yes it is, but it doesnt have to be andif its absolutely necessary for you to remove the piece of asbestos, then you shouldwear the protective cloak, you should keep the asbestos wet so as not to release anyfibres, you should store it in a plastic suitcase and you should dispose of it in the correctway.The truck has to be licenced to carry theasbestos squander, and then we go out and this waste here is going to Alice Springs, it goesto an approved dump site which takes asbestos, then it goes to a certain area of the dump, the person working at the drop, he comes along with the excavator, blaze inter it straightaway. We are all taken together to keep our communitysafe ..


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