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WorkSafe New Zealand was created to dramatically improve New Zealand’s workplace health and safety. It’s not an easy profession but it’s a certainly arousing occasion and as you’ll examine we furnish a range of diverse and interesting occupation opportunities. I’m currently the programme manager for both the construction and manufacturing sector and that’s part of the WorkSafe national curricula team that team is responsible for designing campaigns and programmes of work to help reduce the fatality and serious injury told in main sectors. Basically my capacity is to investigate when there has been a serious harm or fatality or sometimes a near miss, really was just trying to get to the root cause of the accident what’s compelled it and how did it happen.My job is a specialist health and safety inspector and I work for the high-pitched hazards part in the extractive division of the high-pitched lucks force so we are health and safety inspectors who work specifically in quarries, passages and preys. Most accidents happen because of what we call a Swiss cheese effect and it’s no one single thing that happened it’s a series of small things that all lined up for the accident to occur. To give you an example we’ve designed a programme for reducing the number of twilights that are occurring within the construction sector so we’re looking at an awareness campaign we’re looking at mobilising our supervisors so they’re targeting the best place and talking the right things it’s not just one single thing it’s a whole programme of activities that we’re draw all going together. The implementation place of the investigation role is a variety of steps that we can use if we go to an accident that occurred and we find that there’s no actual real cause to it as far as it’s just one of those things coincidences do happen then we can have no free activity you know if the company has already made remedial stairs if they needed it and have made relevant remedial steps we were able to not do any further action we can also use our enforcement notices such as an improvement notice or disqualification notice eventually if we find that there have been major miss or breaches of the health and safety act we do prosecute people and or companionships – commonly companies.I’ve been going through the cohort schooling it’s about seven months from when you start to when you get your warrant which gives us all the powers of an inspector so in particular the most important thing of that is abilities to enter an inspector workplace and that’s quite a intensive discipline so it involves workshops of two to five days every two to three weeks for the first seven months but the trainees at the moment they are all doing inspections with qualified examiners so that we do a lot of on-the-job training as well so WorkSafe is really putting a lot of resource into training.The role of you know helping people in their work to ensure that they go home safe at night it’s got to be a significant driver for me and it’s one that’s preserved me in this job because of the enjoyment you get from doing this type of work. Applying for an investigations role is a good step in my opinion specially if you enjoy talking to people trying to analyse and work out through information through data through what people tell you what the hell are you insure at the incident and trying to gather actual physical proof and all those sorts of things if you enjoy that area of it and have a bit of a problem solving sort of lean to yourself then it’s a really good racket. If I met somebody who wanted to work for WorkSafe I would say go ahead apply it’s been a excellent locate to work and I don’t regret link and i think it’s going to be a incredible target to work going forward and and I’m not looking for another job at the find out more about WorkSafe the opportunities available right now or to register for emails about upcoming opportunities look at our business sheet on


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