How Much Asbestos Exposure Does it Take to Get an Asbestos Related Disease?

Gregg in terms of asbestos show and we talked about children and we talked about perhaps wives or marriages or husbands who’ve been secondary uncovered secondarily exposed all right explain just a little or talk just a little more about the the length of time that one could be disclosed we were talking off air about you had a friend who was exposed for only a couple of weeks or so a summer or a couple of weeks or yeah yeah only for one time or one time I had a good friend who was a lawyer actually who was exposed to asbestos and now recently within the last year or so died of mesothelioma so the asbestos is very very potent okay with respect to the ability for it to cause it cause a cancer is pretty somewhat common and explain to our viewers what asbestos is in terms of how it feigns the lungs I know we’ve talked about scarring and that sort of thing but will you simply kind of give the onlookers a visual of what that what it does to your lung sure it’s if you think of as best as that you are familiar with as a small little needle okay that when you inhaled it it just lodges itself in different areas of your lung lungs lung walls and over experience you get scarring from the fact that your lungs are trying to dispel the actual fiber but what actually happens is stimulates a tighten of the lung because the the the walls of the lungs become dense okay so over hour it effects you to have a more difficult time to breathe and there are there have been situations where people have actually suffocated from being to be subject to asbestos well how important it is that you mentioned about acting abruptly on it but how important is it to have an attorney like yourself that really has a lot of lore regarding this to help you out yes you are familiar with as you know doing asbestos case is a fairly unique expanse of rehearsing principle it you are familiar with myself I have a fairly solid background in the world of discipline tolerate how party could you know suffer from a you know a condition that basically requires a technical understanding but you know there are a number of lawyers around here who at least understand how it use but you know believe it or not most of those people contact me though when when they have a case like this you

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