Effects of Asbestos on the Lungs

when released into the air breath asbestos fibers register the upper and then lower respiratory tracts asbestos fibers are recognized by the lungs as foreign bodies and generated the activation of the lungs local immune method leading to inflammation cell and tissue impairment because Libby Amphipolis bestest is a long needle-like fiber it becomes embedded in the lung material over term some fibers move to the pleura the thin liner around the lung the pleural liner greetings by creating scar tissue around the asbestos fibers this scarring shortens the flexibility of the pleural lining be very difficult for the lungs to fully expand during breathing pleural thicken occurs when widened some part of lining around the lung becomes thicker and less stretchy due to the formation of scar tissue it is important to remember that pleural scarring occurs on a continuum from localised pleural plaques to pervade pleural thickening just as the degree of scarring occurs on a continuum so do the manifestations parties knowledge you


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