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physician there have been millions and millions of Americans who have been exposed to significant extent of asbestos dust in the last decades are most of them gonna get sick no in fact most of them are not gonna get sick why is that well because fortunately asbestos simply movements cankers in people that have had heavy showing often with the exception of mesothelioma a long period elapses they’ve had to have inhaled the fiber and then there are numerous emcee characteristics that would leave one person that developed the diseases compared to someone who may have worked side by side with them and never become ill and for that and if there may be ten people and working in a syndicate they’re all exposed to the same dust only the minority of those ten people are gonna get sick right correct for is there any channel for us to know ahead of time which one or two or three beings out of that ten are gonna get sick regrettably not what can we do well first off where we can educate the public I think that’s why I’m sitting here right now so people need to know that this is a disease out there that they may be at risk for then they can present for medical evaluation and at the time of writing of medical evaluation they should ask what the findings are and what the recommendations are there are formal medical and government suggestions for follow-up of individuals in certain occupancies with sure-fire procures on screening studies because we know if they have an incidental or non substantial type of condition from asbestos and by that I’m talking about just some commemorates on the outside of the lung announced pleural thickening or pleural plaques we know that that’s an indication of a burden of exposure sufficient to potentially begin other conditions the problem we diagnose does not turn into cancer does not turn into hospice ptosis it merely tells medical providers that they’ve had that type of exposure and something could happen last-minute in their life thank you so much for your time doctor my pleasure

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