The City of North Charleston to demolish 24 homes with asbestos

account on to report some dwellings in North Charleston have cloths containing asbestos and are a public safety and health concern mrs. Taylor Murray spoke with city officials has more on what they are planning to do about these structures 24 dilapidated and deteriorating dwellings in North Charleston have activated concern from the city the dwellings are sitting vacant and pose a threat to public safety a lot of these dwellings that they find unoccupied and they’ll be brought to an end being the ardor threat councilman Michael Brown says that in addition to the homes being ardor the dangers and magnets to drifters many of the homes were built with asbestos containing materials it is for all these reasons the city of North Charleston has selected these homes for demolition when you look at a specialist in the travel of it and how can cause health effect for others those are some of the primary things you must say how can I verify it how can I contain that part councilman Brown says that asbestos abatement procedures will be followed in the defeat of these dwellings in order to control fiber release from the hazardous materials what they do first is they go in check all the areas and check where there’s asbestos before there’s any demo come about they come in and with asbestos abatement unit they clear out all the very best delusions and then they come back in the demo North Charleston metropolitan officials say that this is all part of community improvement over the years they have bulldozed close to 2,000 organizations this decision to demo 24 homes is simply following etiquette is not simply is following a etiquette when you when you think about your community and how could it be better would it be better for a mansion merely to sit there and slowly deteriorate and decomposition versus come back and clean it up where you can look at something fresh and brand-new coming in and likewise eliminate the points of fire hazard and derelicts coming in and creating those issues city officials say that the cost for the defeat is projected to total nearly a hundred and fifty-seven thousand dollars but that taxpayers need not to worry because the project is already covered through federal stores all that money is its from Community Development Block Grant funds which is from federal funds and help to defray quite a bit of those costs so it’s not a big impact to the to the to City Council those are funds that’s there that is not to worry about this of North Charleston says they plan to begin to militia within the next few months in North Charleston Taylor Murray count on to

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