Asbestos in Construction: Workers

I have been in the field of architectural renovation for several years. Some undertakings are a bit mystifying, but whatever it is, I need fund. All you have to do is finish the slog so that you can go home. No one thought of what would happen in the future, especially this kind of thing. Ive heard people say that there is asbestos nearby, so be careful. But this is not to say that I am scared or something. This is not a big deal. We have always dealt with asbestos, and everyone does. I didn’t plan to do this work for too long, so I was fine. This is the job I did when I was in my 20 s. I have not been in the construction industry for many years. If I think there is asbestos adjacent, I will stay away from it, I symbolize, go to work elsewhere. I might have paid more attention to this issue, but I had never seen such things to happen before. No, I dont know that it merely makes one time to cause illness. That’s too bad. I don’t know how long I can live. As for asbestos, I am powerless now. Exposure to asbestos is the leading cause of fatalities among laborers in BC.

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