How to Remove Asbestos. Owner Builder Series. Episode 5.

gidday knuckleheads uncle knackers now and today’s video is a follow-up to that last demolition slash asbestos video and just in case you missed it I’ll leave a link to it in the description box below so make sure you check that one out first now today’s video I’d like to bring in and asbestos expert for us to have a chat to so make sure you stick around because this should be a good one and I apologise for the somewhat reddish kind of hue it’s just that they’re standing on a colour floor yes a cherry-red storey with a white ceiling and that’s not the best combination for shooting video or for anything else for that matter is this an Australian video or watch thanks dollars on cue so here we are talking with Peter dark-green from dark-green friends asbestos removals hello am i okay oh yeah good my best good thanks for doing this much appreciated now Peter is a licensed asbestos contractor and you’ve been doing it for hell on there me oh my brother ten years each yes perience I think we’ve been set up for four years now I don’t consultant removal okay beautiful now Peter and Rob are the people who are doing the asbestos removal from my redevelopment now what I thought we’d do first Pete is just go over the legalities of removing asbestos and then look at taking a sheet of asbestos off a wall and then look at how to dispose of that properly – sound good sounds good let’s get it done let’s make love so from a legal point of view Pete how much can that do your wire remove legally in Australia’s ten square meters anyone at home can do ten square moves sorry if your job comes to over ten square then you need to get professional again you’ve got to go to part like that Bernie’s taking off and legally allowed to do it yep so truly 10 square meters is mostly merely one wall of a of a bedroom something like that yes it’s a lot and put into the only gonna come across tender probably rare yeah ten “youve had” more that’s right I still have health professionals in but if you’re a peeler sound it yourself okay and what about Tom there’s a website you can go to there’s obviously websites occupation so to digress off the girl these people that they are able to extend everything and you can eat every government every safarus of fields that we different look at your local effort envelop workplace all indications there so maintaining doubt just go to websites spate of information these those kinds of practices that’s what we basi all our nonsense long as a code of rule “hairs-breadth” rekindling this person it’s all where you know that’s it so precisely be safe so parties removing asbestos you too need special rig dungeon you do and what we start off with personal armour being the suit which is a two molecule overcast which is for hazardous material yeah dry hazardous substance there are different ones available on the market make sure you check the back maybe I catch out their artery drive us try dust yeah you want to be covered from ability to toe brain to toe yeah and the concealments different cover-ups out there as well get a p3 so p3 special raid isn’t it tops to gravy or rater for different substances minimum is paid food for justice molecule the documentation and a p2 paper mask is fine a lot of time we use these on smaller hassles big rackets I’m a bit more pleasant with something like this yeah to three paws free it’s just fits better yep they’re a bit more cost-effective in the long run so I feel from my new detail I unquestionably go for one of these newborns I think they retail around $100 label yep with filter all the rest yeah 50 where the yup rehabilitate is in them which will get rid of the majority yeah I don’t think any compassion get on the market is a hundred percent see yeah yep up there right up it okay so once you’ve got yourself treated up from here to tell you your disguise on we have writers clearly you need water on the site so what’s the water for dirt smothering or any type of dust I was equal binky does down now on too much water yeah these sprayings are great so you spray your down first maintain moisture on there a good deal of dust that comes off these expanses of dust that is in your cavity in general yep might not even contain asbestos yeah good merely suppress those dust fibers that’s right and remember everything to a minimum so you’ve got one before among ponderous objects into it on spray murky the bottle any scatter bottle sometimes we chose a lot of the jobs yeah you got I certainly miss what’s that runoff yep and then we have our PVA glue mix wood glue Andriy which is just a good thing to shut up for this is any broken expanses are in your residence get a PVA glue 38 stop suck milky advertisements you may really specified rates ever your bottles gonna be different but time get a nice milky strong that’s in there a milky firmnes give it a smash cause it dry and you should be shot dry all over them well now back in clean back and caliper cleansers another important part undoubtedly if you’re not make commercially it’s pretty expensive they’re not really worth you yeah roughly vital to have on tasks so that’s a h5 rated vacuum cleaner they’re rated h5 they’ ve got a HEPA filter in them which are standard and not to see regular that people open market these things very hard for around 2000 yep all different pricing different wordings you can get and really perhaps get their files for asbestos and know that you can rent one of those anyone think that I’m on surround them but once again they try to refer away from BL what you use and the externally true something that should be gazed after then kicked so yeah it and mostly you don’t want to use your own home vacuum cleaner you’ll get a lot of those thing they use at home a lot of them come to fill these those they offer HEPA filter you miss they’re only a basic typically “youve been” want to know something that’s um well stage 5 yeah commercial-grade now basic manipulates I too bet your boots boots once again we don’t want anything that’s going to catchment the fibers so “youve been” but everything that’s going to be able to easily vacuumed off rinse off and hitherto I needed to wash it off yep and implements entrust tools everything’s done with hand tools don’t use influence tools our implements are legal to use on asbestos any type of powder we can on use and spread the fibers everyone is going to be kept to a minimum so we using basic mitt yes okay a mallet a little crowbar and and some pincers to get those nails out now plastic because you need to wrap and plastics probably the largest part we lay a stop sleeve down yeah all that stuff is falling on plastic then wrap in another four top expanse double coating which is two hundred and in plastic is what you need yep which is a rating so won’t pierce it so much yet we’re doubled wrapped and we using a good good videotape right to videotape them up nice and tall excellent now so that’s the rig what about signage so Pete as far as signage travels the main point is just to keep beings out or decide isn’t it we need obviously need a reminding tongue rind there’s a specialist going on warning danger specialist movement progress yeah any entry to your area you miss signals and barricades tape something simply to stop people coming in yeah another clue is just to let them know what compel like any undertaking site I that’s boots dress in our case and masks to even come on do outside yep and we want a good ten rhythm perimeter if possible so what we do is safe and contain but you don’t want anyone in your surfaces yeah really restrain everyone about no and there should also be a contact phone number for us so if anyone does come on then your contact mean I can come out letting me Lisa coming out and actually talked on properly okay excellent and we might head over to the area where you’ve got some or some asbestos once wrapped up we got exactly how much comes out of this errand okay so Pete these are the stacks of asbestos that you’ve go out of our asset to figure there there is has a lot lot that comes out of these jobs and a lot of beings like see this side of things yeah there’s a lot of weight in these compress yeah and so each compres is individually wrap to about 50 kilograms formerly he and every gratuities different so “youve been” need to check with your tips-off some tone will let you drop quantities of it in a truck yep so and proceed a bit bigger but a lot of gratuities these days require you to hand unpack flow to humanity souls it saves breakage it saves trying to dump the stuff yep okay so we got our about 50 kilo jam-packs two of us I can filch and remove them yeah a doubled package sealed up tight and labeled movement very important framed that description on and a label and if you’re transporting that needs to do okay cool so Pete’s all suited up and ready to go now what’s the first plan of attack mate well start with we’ve already removed this room but we’re taking all the edgings off which makes a lot easier yep and we’ve abbreviated it down in one sheet they been glued all the edges are being glued previously so we were safe to standing in here yep now my process will be once I articulated the mask and then I’m hit a little bit of moist up and check these nail heads every no that needs to be chipped off so how do chipping those off Mike what’s the process is where Andy yeah close the up one DeLoach is or whatever you’re comfortable with hit on top of my head off trying to dip into that vibro you don’t exhaust anything neat clean stumbled get them claws off the whole set come off now – yep throw it a little bit of moisture below now lower counter ready okay let’s do that mate to the city car beyond a excellent now technically when I regularly be understood that I detest it not for interrupting but he need anything familias threatened us they need we broken up otherwise time to move it around cut up on your style shocking flavor so attentive this under these conditions we can undermining through the mouth look at my brand-new nonsense well got to make sure to irrigate around here I envisage I’m going to cracking paw neat and for what meeting this beings neck into the powerful it can be right so we doubled twine take one take restrain everything neat and square black and then come in their region mend us along the end doubled frisk and I be considered that if you feel this when can we get the field and then click on the other way this behavior let me come out cause the compres cover combat exclusively the frost mold shake baby move click on my celly and then I go to play if you get for removal at home video games a little bit of moisture into the cavity apply this I can wait okay thanks very much for that mate was much appreciated a problem that’s fantastic and I hope you all advantage something out of that now asbestos removal pretty serious business yes so that’s a brighten the climate up a little bit with a couple of quick fire questions okay thank you ready yep sure right I might you ready let’s do it what do you like to watch on TV football 40 foot it leg or read simply lead on your leg okay cool chicken or steak steak say with what’s going sauce on or hall I’m not going to grow playing baby do you feel and play their favorite booze James scores 50 100 150 one watches go to the aged crossbeam at kind of the middle a homebrewer to your time in testing favorite holiday destination ha ha ha born and spawned you now better Star Wars or Star Trek Star Wars oh yeah favorite pizza transcending Peter saw us and he converged forbidden meat asaurus I cherish it what the hell is you be doing if you weren’t removing asbestos ah hand in hand it goes with demolition so there’s my next my other buyers demolition so I think that’s where def oh boy I’m a demo board and final but not least who’s your favorite youtuber tall Shane is affiliated m8 thanks a good deal Felicia so there you have it I hope you experienced infinite video on asbestos removal useful and a big thanks to Peter Green from light-green friends asbestos removals and I’ll leave a link to those guys in the description box below so make sure you check those chaps out now as per normal a big thumbs up is always immensely appreciated if you haven’t already delight stumble that agree button alright it’s a little cold and rainy today Poppy’s time for a cup of tea so till next time I’m out of now Cheers

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