John Holland exposes workers to asbestos on West Gate bridge

Merely down now West Gate Bridge. JohnHolland’s upkeep undertaking. We got a call this morning sayingthere’s been supposed asbestos found on site. Us coming down here, on arrivalthe hygienists have been here, they’ve sort of been sifting about looking forasbestos. They spotted nine themes and basically while they’ve been searchingin the adulterated, potentially infected range, the workforce hadstill been working. We’ve had scaffolders in there, just got the boyscoming down off the connection as I speak and basically following the conclusion from thehygienist they have been given recommendations thatnobody should be in the area because the whole area is potentially affected orcontaminated by asbestos.But being John Holland’s, they’ve just continued workingas ordinary, they haven’t done anything, they haven’t contacted WorkSafe untilwe’ve actually turned up here today ..

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