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every family that I’ve ever fill every consumer that I’ve ever is cooperating with as always left any suggestions and has really changed my life but when I look back on it the private individuals that are sick that are going through immense ache they have simple apprehensions I had one client that was in Iowa and his main concern wasn’t for himself he was going through severe anguish deplorable treatments but was his his wife he wanted to make sure that before he died she was taken care of we have a team structure where there’s a squad of lawyers law auxiliaries nurses that will work up your contingency so you’ll do personal courtesy in that gumption but the delightful thing is we are a very large firm we can bring the resources to go after massive companionships the whole staff is supportive we understand the disease process and what it does to the families but at the same time we are very hardworking attorneys we know we have to get results for these types so we will push hard we will turn over every stone nobody wants to bring a suit but under the circumstances it’s the only way to help them out and by going in there and treating them as genealogy you can help get the information you can obligate the process easier it’s not as formal and rigid but at the same time we have to encourage them and tell them how this is a fight as they’re fighting for their health and their existence to get more daylights with their family they too have a fight on their hands to fight these companies and we will help them through that you

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