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satisfy Gary Gary is married to sue who is expecting their newborn in less than five months Gary ensue living their newly-purchased Queenslander and Gary is looking to undertake some DIY bathroom redevelopments as a fourth time apprentice carpenter Gary knows the potential hazards of a profession place expending his worksite knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety he is aware of potential hazards such as electrocution fall objects burn slip journeys and falls what Gary doesn’t know is that there is another silent more dangerous gunman that cannot see now even to Gary’s highly trained hearts this silent killer is called asbestos according to cancer professionals asbestos is responsible for thousands of deaths in Australia each year with the list set to increase as more beings are affected by lung cancer and other deadly plights such as mesothelioma being a young professional and a cordial family man Gary knows not to leave anything to chance so he picks up the phone and calls the experts at total asbestos Australia’s extending a spare stas removal and demolition corporation it was lucky that Gary called total asbestos who have indicated that as roof too contained asbestos total asbestos accept the asbestos removal act and left the home safe for Gary to continue with his redevelopments with the newly fitted lavatory and roof sue can sleep sound knowing that their newborn is being raised in a non asbestos environment with more than 10 years of ordeal total asbestos are the experts for all your asbestos removal needs there is no job too big or small and services be at residential commercial or industrial

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