Asbestos in Demolition and Renovation: Does the House You’re Working on Contain Asbestos?

hello I’m Jeff Clark the elderly occupational hygienists at WorkSafeBC the house behind me going to get swallowed to make way for a brand-new build but what the defeat contractor doesn’t know is that the house contains asbestos I’m going to walk you through the house and show you the types of things that might contain asbestos asbestos is a fibrous mineral that’s very tough and resistant to chemicals and heat up until the 1980′ s it was commonly used in building substances if such is disturbed such as when they are drilled shown sanded or broken up during restorations or demolitions workers can breathe in asbestos fibers if workers breathe in enough asbestos fibers their lungs can lose permanent mar and they may get lung cancer between 1996 and 2005 more than 380 workers in BC died from an asbestos referred ailment the majority of them laborers were in the construction industry any house constructed before 1980 will probably contain some asbestos produces to protect you from asbestos during redevelopments or demolition the most important thing you can do is to have the house surveyed by a qualified asbestos professional he or she will obtain tests from believed house products in the house and have them experimented for asbestos building materials that do contain asbestos can examine identical to information that don’t the only way to tell the difference is to have the materials analyzed by a qualified lab in some houses the asbestos containing cloths can be in poor condition and can pose a risk to the person collecting the tests this house was vandalized by beings looking for scrap metal like copper piping both plaster and drywall can contain asbestos the members of this house had plaster and drywall upstairs and really drywall downstairs asbestos containing drywall filler or mud is very common in lives built before 1990 the silt is a finishing coat that’s normally applied to the seams nail or shaft excavations and edges before a wall is covered sealings was scattered on texturing may also contain asbestos numerous flooring fabrics contain asbestos older homes may have various blankets of flooring now the report contains two strata of vinyl sheet flooring on top of a layer of vinyl storey tile in this case both flooring types contained asbestos the support of the vinyl membrane flooring contained asbestos asbestos was likewise encased within the vinyl floor tile here is a clearer example of asbestos containing vinyl storey tile from another mansion hearths may contain asbestos boards or pads below the mantle or hidden at the back of the fireplace artificial embers and ashes and gas hearths may also contain asbestos houses can be heated by a furnace or boiler and this equipment specially older boilers may be insulated with asbestos seams and metal ducting are often covered with asbestos videotape ducts and piping may also be wrap in asbestos insulation these photos are examples from other lives even the cement or mastic used to seal tubes where they go through walls may contain asbestos the walls of the furnace room in this house are covered with asbestos plaster timber also known as transite most lofts in BC are insulated and this insulation may contain asbestos sometimes there’s more than one stratum of isolation here pink fiberglass insulation is on top and a loose insularity is beneath loose insulation particularly vermiculite may contain asbestos “youre seeing” the asbestos fibers in this vermiculite sample that’s under a microscope even the outside of the house should be checked for asbestos produces including a putty around older spaces although it was not found on this house asbestos cement surfacing was a commonly used material asbestos is also found in various roofing fabrics including asphalt roofing paper and asphalt shingles concrete block walls are hollow and the openings may have been filled with same type of asbestos containing vermiculite separation you could find in an attic for your safety any asbestos containing fabrics the hell is met during a run site sketch must be removed by workers who are trained in asbestos removal and wear protective clothing and a respirator unless you’re properly trained don’t try it yourself this contractor was lucky exclusively the flooring and the plaster card and mastic in the furnace room contained asbestos these materials can easily be removed by drilled professionals before you work on a room ask if it has been properly canvassed for asbestos take care and thanks for watching

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