Canada History Week 2019: The Asbestos Strike

I had been in asbestos for more than two months shielding the strike for consignment of WA I “ve spoken to the” miners and strive supervisors about what the fuck is craved a 15 cent an hour cause a pension and some sort of company action around the poison dirt that was obliging so many of them sick the families too the Quebec government testified the strike illegal it was clear to premier to play see there was simply no home for the working class said Copa Nina V’s dollar mausoleum actual caliber the visitation organization’s ethical Thomas’s opu G[ Music] cruelty came from both sides at 8 a. m.that morning I attended 30 armed policemen approached the strikers and as things seemed ready to boil over the women of asbestos stepped in and everything stopped for a moment when the strike eventually aimed that July the material advantages for the strikers were very little countless was ever rehired those who were continued to work in hazardous preconditions that would take countless life-times the asbestos strike commemorated the beginning of a new era in the relations between the Quebec press and the labor movement polite indifference was no longer possible for those of us in the press who did care it was time to get down to serious succeed.

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