How To Identify Asbestos In Wallpaper

final wallpaper is the most common product that contains asbestos when it is necessary to wallpapers it was manufactured between 1930 and 1980 s some of the signs that your vinyl newspaper contains asbestos are the presence of label with the manufacturing date your home was constructed before 1980 s the wallpaper has a few flexible writhes in the upper areas or looks like a vinyl or plastic varnish with a article fibery patronage if your vinyl paper is still in good condition you should leave it as it is it does not pose a threat to your state if however is highly shattered you should have a team of certified professionals take it down and safely dispose of it before replacing the make with the new and safe one asbestos was used in vinyl paper to enhance the durability of the product as well as to fire proof it while companionships had been aware of the dangers of asbestos exposure since 1920 s they continued to use it for their own monetary increase the mineral was widely available and unusually cheap at the time today asbestos vinyl wallpaper still encompasses the interior walls of millions of residences throughout the country if the vinyl wallpaper registers signals of cracking and curling it is a good idea to have it removed and replaced with a safe alternative nowadays asbestos is no longer present in vinyl wallpaper which should allow you to choose from a large variety of products


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