People Shouldn’t Still Be Dying Because of Asbestos

Most parties must be considered asbestos as, ohit’s that substance on the wall, that, you know, flakes off, and they only think of likeold houses; they’re always like, oh yeah, my academy has asbestos, but they don’t think about thedangers of it, or that breathing it in can actually kill you. My father, Mike Tucker, was diagnosed with mesothelioma lung cancer in 2009, and he passed out in 2011. He was actually in a minor car accident, and that’s when they had to do a bunch of, like, you are familiar with, CAT checks, and MRI’s. My mom plummets a rocket on me andsays, “So your father has 20 tumors on his lung, ” and, you know, you’re neverprepared to hear that. At the time, we didn’t know much about mesothelioma; we detected it was from asbestos exposure. In his younger adult life, he workedjust odd responsibilities to make do, so he was working as a bricklayer, and he alsoworked in boiler rooms. Asbestos is really made a big impact on my family’s life. A mas has changed losing our leader. When I was in college, I decided that I wantedto advocate against asbestos use. I was older, and I reckoned, wow, I can reallymake a difference. Regulations are either trying to be taken away, or lessened. For illustration, asbestos remains of builds, including, like, the 70 s, or earlierthan that, and when these structures are being torn down, there’s regulationsabout how they should be torn down for the consumer safety, and a good deal of one wants to, you are familiar with, pass that up because of money, but it’s important tothe health.People are just surprised that asbestos is still legal in the United Regime and that it’s still in consumer products. Asbestos is still found in children’s dolls, and it’s crazy expressed the belief that my new niece could still beimpacted by asbestos today. Politicians can make a big impactbecause they’re the ones who can manufacture the regulations. Asbestos is killingpeople and it needs to be known, it needs to be stopped ..

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