How to get condo and co-op renovation permits in NYC

If you own a condo or a co-op in NewYork City or any of the five boroughs and you’re looking to time a renovationproject, then this video is for you. I’m gonna stroll you through the steps ofgetting a project approved, permitted, and ultimately signed off by the Department of Buildings. Now, before we even go to the Department of Buildings you’re gonna have to get approval from the management company of your build. This is something that I call internal approval. Now this entails your inventor sending a set of plansand a symbol of intent – and perhaps some other entries such as a deposit or asigned anatomy to your conduct fellowship. They will then forward these plans to anarchitect hired by the board of the building.It usually takes a few weeksfor this review to take place so save that in attention and this architect hired bythe board frequently has a long list of objections for your designer. Now thesearen’t objections to the design but they are requests for additional informationon things such as soundproofing that even the Department of Buildings won’tcare about. Once the designer receives these dissents, he or she will addressthem through revises on the portrayals and send back those depicts to themanagement company to again be forwarded to the board architect for review.Hopefully within a few weeks they will get approval from the management companyat this part. Now as an expediter we can finally get involved. So, before we go toany city agency the first step is to have what’s called an asbestosinspection done. Any structure built before April 1987 is in need of recentasbestos inspection to take place and a report to be issued. And you may tellme – and I get people saying this all the time: “Look there was a huge renovationdone in the room right before I bought it five years ago.So, why do I need tohave this inspection done again? ” Well, the Department of Buildings again wantsto see a recent asbestos inspection report and that conveys one done withinthe last year. And the report has to be specific to the areas that are going tobe affected by structure. So that’s why you need to have a brand-new asbestosinspection done. Typically it takes a few days to planned one of theseinspections and then a few more periods to get the results of that inspection. Soplease prevent that in spirit when you’re scheduling your interpretation project.Now formerly the asbestos inspection report is completed, your expediter canfinally terminated all of the forms required for the Department of Buildingssubmission, send them out to the architect who will then sign and sealthem – frequently they can be emailed back – and then we forward them to yourmanagement busines where board officers will sign on behalf of ownership onthe forms. And there’s even one anatomy usually for you as a contingent proprietor to sign.Once we have all these words completed, we then upload everything into theDepartment of Buildings’ structure and it takes about a week for a design examinerto review your plans.Now, 95% of jobs are disapproved upon first re-examine. And that’snot because your architect made a mistake and it sure as heck isn’tbecause your expediter “re making a mistake”, it’s just that nobody can predictexactly what the examiner “re looking for”. And most of the time the examiner’sobjections are gonna entail things like asking for added documents -perhaps the extent of a doorway or some dimension of a room or relabeling of aroom – stuff like that. So once your architect residences those objections through revisions to the pulls, we’ll again submit them to the Department ofBuildings and hopefully again within about a week the examiner will reviewthem and ideally approve the job at that time. Now, this is a great place to be.You’ve got your job approved by the Department of Buildings and we can beginworking with your contractor on drawing the general construction permit. Thatinvolves sending a simple form to your contractor, they ratify and notarize it, email it back to us, we upload it to the DOB and hopefully your permit’s issuedwithin a few cases days.Once the general construction permit is issued, then otherpermits can be gathered such as plumbing or a mechanical tolerate. Now, at this pointthere’s nothing for us to do as an expediter and what you’ll want to do isreach back out to us when creation is complete; because we want to beginwhat’s called the sign off process at this object. And it’s important that wesign off a chore because it’s the only proof that you have that the work wasactually done. Because according to the DOB, even though they are you get a job approved, evenif the job is fully let, it doesn’t mean anyone actually did any work.Untilyou sign off the job through referring some sorts that showthat the architect accomplished any required inspections and a few cases otherforms, there’s no proof to show that the construction work was done. And this isalso important to get back your sediment that you may have given yourmanagement busines. And ultimately, if you go to sell or refinance your condo or co-opin the future, it will be a problem if you have what’s called an open place inthe Department of Buildings system and you could have money held up in escrowfor a long time.So, that’s a quick rundown to seeing how the approving andpermitting process is collaborating with a condo or co-op renovation. A pair other things Iwant to talk about are some costs involved. I’m not gonna speak to theexpediting costs involved or the architectural services because thatfluctuates and changes on a case-by-case basis. So, you’re welcome to reach out tous and we can give you some estimates in respect of that, but I will speak to theasbestos inspection. You should assume you’re gonna compensate around $1,000 for anasbestos inspection. I too want to mention city costs. The Department ofBuildings becomes coin by bill a small percentage – about 2-3% ofthe estimated job costs of your activity. So, if you eliminate anything cosmeticsuch as painting or tiling and you’re left with precisely the actual work on theplans such as general structure, plumbing, mechanical – that figure, theDepartment of Buildings is going to draw the 2-3% from and blame youthat in metropolitan fees. So, it’s usually a naked minimum of a few hundred dollars butagain that can also hanging in there around a $1,000 and up – but youcan undoubtedly do the math yourself on that.You’ll likewise compensate what’s called arecords administration fee of $165, so that’s included.And then finally I want to talk about landmarks. If your house is in alandmark, you’re gonna have to get Landmarks Preservation Commission, oralso known as the LPC’s, permission for your project before the Department ofBuildings will give their approving. And it doesn’t matter if your apartment’s on the 16 th floor and it’s all interior production, the LPC still wants to review itand they still want to give their approval before the DOB will approve it.Now, if you are on the third floor and up, and again the work’s all interior, thenyou can get what’s called an speeded evaluation from the Landmarks Preservation Commission and sometimes they turn that around in asquickly as a day.But if you’re on the second floor and below or there is someexterior work, then you’re gonna have to go through the standard review atLandmarks and that can easily make three to four weeks, they can bring upobjections and then your inventor has to address that through revisions andresubmit, wait a couple of more weeks – so, as you can see time can really add up with arenovation assignment so you want to plan accordingly. Not exclusively do you have toschedule time for your internal remember process which can drag out to a fewmonths sometimes believe it or not – hopefully not – you too have to scheduletime for a Landmarks re-examine if you’re in a landmark build and you have toschedule time for a Department of Buildings review. Now, I had mentioned thetimeline being a week to get it reviewed and then a week to another evaluation to getit approved – that’s best-case scenario so factoring all that in you can see howthe process can drag out for a few months.If you have any other questionsabout this process, delight feel free are to achieve us. We have our contactinformation below in the description of the video. Otherwise, appreciate youwatching this video. If you liked it please like. Feel free to leave a commentif you have a question also or you just want to say something. 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