Simple Asbestos Management

INTRODUCINGSAM SIMPLE ASBESTOSMANAGEMENT Texas Department of StateHealth Services SAM delineates easy steps youcan take to keep your students, teachersand staff safe. WHAT IS ASBESTOS? Naturally-occurring mineral Fire-resistant building material Used in roof shingles, tiles, ceilings, insulation, etc. Common in class built from1 940′ s – 1970′ s WHY IS ASBESTOSDANGEROUS? Fibers 700 X smaller than humanhair When shaken, readily inhaledby children and adults Can strike lung material Linked to serious cancers, mesothelioma and asbestosis Symptoms develop over 15 to 40 years Children are particularlyvulnerable** Source: Children’sEnvironmental Health Network WHAT ARE YOURRESPONSIBILITIES AS A SCHOOLADMINISTRATOR? Promote safety of students andstaff Remain informed Utilize best resources available All public and private non-profitschools governed by AHERA Asbestos Hazard EmergencyResponse Act AHERA mandates that youIDENTIFY DOCUMENT and MANAGE asbestos-containing material inyour institution Create Asbestos ManagementPlan for each campus Submit plans to Texas Dept. of State HealthServices( DSHS) Plans must be updated on aregular basis A program is necessitated even though they are no asbestos found oncampus Initial inspection by a state-licensed asbestosprofessional Periodic re-inspections Send notifications to mothers, educators& faculty Ensure staff are properly trained WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TOCOMPLY? Ensure health and safety ofchildren and staff Many asbestos substances wereregulated starting in 1973 Many Texas institutions were builtbefore asbestos regulation Older institutions most likely to haveasbestos Asbestos remains a serioushealth concern Texas DSHS supervises AHERAcompliance Can issue notices of non-compliance or abuse Punishments up to $ 5,000 HOW SHOULD YOU GETSTARTED? Remember, compliance can besimple Resource and tools areavailable Start at SAMFORTEXAS.ORG Find tools and Riches atSAMFORTEXAS.ORG SAM SIMPLE ASBESTOSMANAGEMENT Texas Department of StateHealth Business

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