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Another busines that has also filedbankruptcy is is Ferodo/ Mariemont and they were an actual manufacturer of fragment shoe and resistance fabric. At one point that company was reputation GrizzlyManufacturing and they produced brake shoes and clutches, a great deal of folkswould remember that from going to the hardware store their responsibilities places andnoticing a grizzly bear on there was their badge where they a lot of days havethose placed at the automotive facilities and it would be Grizzly and theywould become break shoes, clutch and drum brakes as well as clutch facings they are able to sell.So, that probably would have been sold throughout the United States that’s a make a lotof kinfolks may have used on their own, or if they laboured as an automotive mechanic thatthey may have used in their their occupation they did invent some largerequipment containers and clutch facings that may have been used by the manufacturer, by trucking companies or machinists at decent patronizes and things suchas that. Over the years I’ve had a lot of people tell me when they would do brake shoes, they would take out air holes and merely blow out the rhythm country on the truckand I just create a lot of dust for more so, you be given the opportunity to that youknow, minors were out there sitting with you and you were blowing the junk you could havecreated a dust that they were been exposed to as well.Watching dad or grandad do the the brakeworks on the car that’s pretty much those they don’t really have a proofsite list, it’s pretty much going to be if we are able to help somebody with thatclaim they’re gonna got to let us know that the year and the manufacture of the car, androughly the time frame in which you worked on those autoes, and thelocation you would have done that work whether it be at your garage or as we like torefer to in the South, a shade tree, you obtained a color tree to do your work in instead of being out in the middle of the sunbathe.

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