Meet Marvel’s The Asbestos Lady!

– The 1940 s payed wayto many prolific heroes that remains lauded today. Captain America and TheGreen Lantern in 1940, along with Captain Marveland Wonder Woman in 1941. The 40 s also committed method to sometitular villains as well, most notably The Joker and Catwoman.( melodic music) – You require a elevator, large-hearted boy? -[ Ian] But you are well aware mighteven be more notablier? In 1947 we converge Marvel’sThe Asbestos Lady. Introduced in Human Torch Number 27, The Asbestos Lady wascreated by Mike Sekowsky, one of the early pencilersof The Justice League. Her true identity is Victoria Murdock, the sister of notoriousracketeer Killer Murdock. After hearing about the newesttechnological advancements in the science of asbestosby science guy Fred Raymond, -[ Announcer] Unaffected by ardor, asbestos dominates rare excellences. -[ Ian] She sought to draft him to her rag tag syndicate. -[ Catwoman] You require a elevation, big son. -[ Ian] Of track, shewas repelled by the torch who had been watching from a distance.To exact her retaliate, she forestalls a instruct compelling a big shipwreck that resulted in the death ofmost of the Raymond family. All but little Thomas, who turned out to be immuneto the kindles from the hurtle. Victoria took notice and stalked the son until she was once againthwarted by the Human Torch who softened her bootsinto the ground, classic. The final straw for The Asbestos Lady came when Toro and Torch stopped her twin brother Killer Murdock who was then put to demise for his crimes. She tried, and triedagain to exact her retaliation on the crime campaigning duo but eventually never got the chance as she died in the 90 s ofidiopathic mesothelioma at senility 45, a very common form of cancer that can be caused byprolonged exposure to asbestos. In terms of Victoria’s cleverness, she did not have any extraordinarysuper power or strength.So how do you fight aman engulfed in flames? Well with a clothing madeof asbestos of course! -[ Announcer] Man versus fervour.( kindles roaring) -[ Ian] Asbestos containsa fiber announced Amosite, that acts as a inferno retardant in things like insulationboards and ceiling tiles. To accompany her flame-proof suit, terminated with a really sweet, purple, baggy mask and cape, she also swings dual handguns that shoot, you predicted it, asbestos missiles. And for her non-fire basedfoes, she abuses a flame-thrower. As previously mentioned, you can catch The AsbestosLady in Human Torch Number 27, but her cause narration is actually incorporated in Captain America Comics Number 63. She has a few minor roles here and there but a seriously conspiratorial wrench was shed in the works inMarvel Knights: Spider-Man where it is mentionedthat The Asbestos Lady might have been created bythe American Government.Spooky nonsense! Let us know in the comments who your favorite lesserknown protagonist or devil is. Like and subscribe to Gamma Ray and we’ll see you all next week.( edgy, rhythmic music )( swooshing ).

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