Dear Dad – An asbestos awareness film

Dear Dad, It’s been a while mate, but I think aboutyou all the time. The household are well, we all still get togetherfor the family barbeques with Mum. I’m doing a fair fragment of coaching now theyear has been a bit up and down as usual. Do you retain my first sport of footy withthe Gladstone West Panthers under 9s? I always wanted to play footy, that was mymain goal.I must have done alright though to be askedby the great Artie Beetson to play for the Roosters. Even though you tried to talk me out of it, you always patronage me. Sydney is such a big city, I remember askinghow to get to Bondi and you time told me to got to get the aqueduct and hook a left. You were pretty spot on, I manufactured it. You were always such a hard worker, I thinkthats why you were so well recognised in the industry. Its thanks to you that I got my foot inthe door and started my apprenticeship. I can still remember the day you got diagnosed.It wasnt fair. Youd really retired and gotten back fromthe sail with mum. Id never heard of mesothelioma before. I recollect saying to you, mate, youre astrong bloke, you can beat this, there might even be a cure, but you precisely “ve been given” a blanklook and I think you knew, they gave you six months, but you didnt give up, you provedthem wrong and we got you to almost a year. You were a tough old bugger and Ive alwaystried to be like you. Im continuing your fight. Im getting out there as an asbestos awarenessambassador. I want people to be more proactive and carefularound the stuff. Im starting to notice a change too.People dont just recognise me for my footballcareer anymore, they encounter the direct Im doing and how important it is for me to have peopletalking about asbestos. As hard as you think you are, asbestos isalways going to be tougher. Im not is gonna stop. Im doing this for you. We all miss you Dad. Love you copulate, Trev ..

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