Clear and present danger: Asbestos exposed

Most houses built before 1990 are likely to contain some asbestos. It was a building productused widely back then because it was sturdy, barrage resistant and a good insulator. Now, of course, its banned from use. Exposed asbestos materials are a known healthrisk, but not something where youll see an immediate effect.But dont panic most asbestos, if it is well-maintained and coated with paint or sealant, is unlikely to be a problem and the fibres are usually tightly bound together in cementor some other material. Its only when you or someone else disturbsasbestos, through chipping, instructing, sanding, liquid blaring, or removing asbestos boards, that the fibers are at risk of becoming airborne and constitute a higher risk to you and your familyif theyre breathed in.This wants if you have plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters or the like visiting your house to complete work or if youre doingyour own home restorations, its important to know where it could be.So where are some residences you might find asbestos lurking in your dwelling? Hopefully, Louie will be able to help answer that question.Louies a onetime tradie whos now a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland inspector. Whathe doesnt know about asbestos isnt worth knowing! Hes seeing Lauren today to show her where she might find asbestos in her home and providesome red-hot tips-off on how to best manage it. Hey LouieHow are you today? How are youGood thanks Thanks for coming overNo Problems So this is the houseWe just recently bought this plaza so were really excited to get into renovating butgot a feeling there might be some asbestos hiding around though, so we havent gonetoo crazy more. But wed actually appreciate your opinion.Sure. Commonly for a room improved like this before 1990, the rule of thumb is discussed whateveryou see here as possibly asbestos.And previously straight up, I can see some fibro sheetingup on your gables. Too your gables at the figurehead here. And likewise your soffits or eaves. Asbestos makes were available in countless placesin a dwelling, a usual residence, commencing from the ceiling down and the exterior. Youve got yourroof. Youve got your channels, your downpipes. Youve got your barging on the end. Yourgable ends. Exterior sheeting on the walls. Insulated doorways sometimes came outwith it backpack with isolation. If theres asbestos up there, is that goingto be a risk? As long as the fibro sheeting is well maintained, and shut, its no hazard to anyone.I guess, at the end, if you start disturbingit, cutting it, instructing it, thats when it becomes a risk to you.Ok, well we do want to do some renovations so Ill bring you inside and you can havea look. Ok, look forward to it! Most of the people that are most likely to contract an asbestos-related disease now wouldbe tradies. The makes, carpenters, electricians, becausethey’re often drilling into things, to articulate wiring through, or plumbing the pipes, orthey’re demolishing homes that they may not have recognised contain asbestos.People doing roof restores. Beings can even be presented to asbestos fibreshosing off their ceilings, gurney-ing or high pressure washing.Well its not just the tradies who are in danger here, its the dwelling renovator. Thedo-it-yourselfer. The person who may not be able to afford to bring a tradie in, quitehandy themselves, just wanted to do a little home project. Theyll take on the work and quiteoften who assists dad out with the creation, could be even the kids.And thats why were very concerned to make sure that parties that are working with asbestos, first of all, they recognise it, and furthermore, they take the proper prudences. Welcome to my home! Lovely! Ill show you this little room first. This is my study. Got a lotof immense plans for this little spot so Id really like your opinion as to where you think there’s anything I need to be concerned about here. Yeah, I calculate only coz of the age of thehouse and just looking at the hollow aftermath on your wall sheeting here and the protrudingnail, thats usual of an older type asbestos. And likewise your ceilings are similar so Yeah I can see the fingernails up on the ceiling there. But like anything you do get it tested beforeyou do any work on it but Id be giving it as if it were asbestos, definitely by thatlook there.Other than that its all closed, so its safe the path it is, its onlywhen youve disturbed it, are you agitated the asbestos in any way? One of the things my husband and I did when we moved in was we lay in a whole lot of picturehooks, on that little depict formulate over there was one of the first things we was put forward andwe sort of went a little crazy I guess and threw them up everywhere. Is that somethingI need to be worried about, have we mistakenly disclosed ourselves in any way with that? Just keep in mind that drilling into asbestos, there is a degree of risk. Its a one offexposure so the degree of risk is very minimal but satisfy keep in mind that there is proceduresfor drilling asbestos.The various kinds of asbestos dust that is harmfulto health, is, of a particle size that you won’t see with the naked eye.When you’re working with asbestos information, if you’re wanting to drill it, or sand ityou run the risk of creating quite a lot of fibres, thousands and thousands, maybe hundredsof thousands of staples. And those are disbanded into the air around, where the workers areworking. Asbestos substances motive a problem in the lungbecause they’re long and thin, they’re easily breath, and they’re difficult to clear from thelung. And although our figures can cope with a certainamount of materials, there comes a level when your lung can’t cope with too much asbestos.Ah, tiny one-off exposure, our lungs can deal with. There are three main sickness that asbestos reasons. One is Asbestosis, which is the scarring of the lung tissue, and that impedes oxygenbeing absorbed through the lung and into the bloodstream. The second more serious one isAsbestos Related Lung Cancer.And the third and most serious disease isMesothelioma, and that’s the cancer of the liner of the lung.Despite 20, 30 years of research, we still don’t have good medicines for it, and theaverage life expectancy is still measured in months, rather than years.We should give asbestos with caution. We shouldn’t be afraid of it. But we likewise shouldn’tignore the risk. Louie one of the things I just wanted to do is justget rid of this wall, and like open up this cavity, is that something that my husband andI can do ourselves? Even if you wanted to remove that one sheet there, the same precautions are applicable, so its gotta be done by the book, the same jeopardies apply.If I was an owner of a residence or a propertyand I wanted to revamp or demolish or reform in some manner, figure or flesh, I would get someadvice and have the dimension inspected by a instructed professional. They will identifythe areas where it will exist and then that can be recorded. We can even settle stickersand notify parties that is still asbestos on the property. And you quite often willfind them in electrical boxes or inside linen closets or under the sink in kitchens, wherea person or a tradesperson may naturally go to conduct their work. That causes the tradiesor somebody coming to the property an opportunity to identify that there is asbestos on theproperty before they ruffle it.So Louis, this is the master bedroom and oneof the things I want to do in this room, is do some kind of cool feature wall. Maybe areally nice wallpaper now. Is this wall the same as the other wall in the study? What Im looking at here is the flat walls as such. Theres no joins in it like theother area, cant witnes any dimple, dimple regard and really the feel of it, it actuallyfeels like gyprock and likewise your gyprock cornice up now and possiblyyour gyprock ceiling as well.So to me, this has gone through a recent redevelopment. Idprobably get an electrician in, really to pluck those phases off, get a sample behind thosepoints precisely to confirm it is asbestos free Hopefully its asbestos free because thenI can get stuck into this room straight away. Umm, in through here its a bit of a funnyroom. I can see straight up, by some of the sheeting now with the uncovered nails and the dimpleon some of the sheeting I can see … that once again, just like the first room we lookedat, it would most probably contain asbestos. The same with your ceilings as well.I noticed too the soffit sheeting, thats usual of a fibro asbestos character sheeting.I can see all the holes are actually shut with paint so theres no real issue to youunless theres going to be new gaps instructed but I can see over here straight up youvegot some cracking and thats precisely from submitting and unfolding over the years. Those cracksare actually closed with dye so theres no gamble to yourself but if that was a freshcrack well of course youd clearly get that sealed, with paint.Ok, I wanna display you this funny patch down the end of the room, what do you think about that? My recalls straight up is definitely. Like you got your vinyl on top and thats yourunderlay and thats ordinary of your 70 s character vinyl that the underlay contained asbestosin that part here. And theres a high concentration of asbestos in there, probably 70 to 80 percentof the crisotile asbestos in there. So with that type of product there, if we were goingto remove it by clean it, youd need a licensed asbestos removalist, to removethat there. Even that tiny little spot? Definitely, dont put yourself at risk. We can take a sample just to confirm thatas well. OkThis is the bathroom. Again this is asort of funny room for me because the walls are like a Melamine sort of materialWith this lammy nature board sheeting, that is asbestos free.Same with this ceiling, nonetheless, whats behind it, I dont know, at the moment now, the direction it is, its emphatically safe.But if you go through another reno, merely be awareof what could be behind the sheeting. Also in cabinets, theres also surprises.A lot of periods “when youre doing” restorations, a great deal of beings just leave that cupboard areaas is so Can you recognize the beam? Thats an MDF typetimber sheeting which contains no asbestos. But I dont know whats behind that wallof sheeting so just take precautions there. This is the other Lino situation I guess.I certainly want to rip it up, its ugly. But again, we werent really sure if it wassomething that we should be doing straight away. What are your thoughts? If you don’t mind me pulling this strip up? No thats fine.As you can see theres this onelayer of vinyl now, and drawing it straight up, its like a rubber back. So, out ofall the samples that Ive taken of this type of vinyl, they generally is coming asbestos free. But, as you can see, underneath, weve got another layer of vinyl and also the underlayand any of those two could possibly contain asbestos.So, the prudence being, treatthat as asbestos, or get a sample taken of it.thats a really good tip because precisely by looking at it, if Id assumed that it wasok, I wouldve simply ripped it up not contemplating there used to be other beds underneathIf after the asbestos removal project is over and you find that theres some asbestosdust or questionable dust left over. One has to be careful too in the cleanup that youdont simply use any aged vacuum cleaner. A household vacuum cleaner isnt designedfor cleaning up hazardous textiles, especially asbestos.Dont range it either. Thatll exclusively initiate more dust and itll spread throughout thehouse.Get some expendable cloths, soggy them down and wet-wipe it up. And dont forget, dispose of the rags as contaminated trash. Hey Louie, I wanna indicate you our outdoor fencingthrough now. Is this something we need to be concerned about? Ah, definitely Lauren, this is a profile called super 6. Super 6 can pit because its notsealed so with rain, sprinkle, wind, daylight, over epoch it starts to deteriorate and delaminateso at the end of the day, it is a good thing to close it.Well, thats good because weve actually shut from the outside as well so I can showyou that. What about this little bit here? A truck actuallybacked into this. It entirely wasnt me but is that something I need to be worried about? There is some bare fibres the hell is disclosed. The best thing you can do here Lauren is paintover that entire neighborhood, and that seals it Asbestos ceilings, Super-6 roofing as they callit, and barricades are a particular high risk theyve been subject to the elements overmany years.You get a gurney or borrow a gurney for the weekend or rent one for the weekend and youstart bombing off the roof The sand and plaster that attachments the asbestosfibres within it have been washed out so now youve went loosefibres. Then fibres are being spread all over theneighbourhood. Well Lauren, heres some more, and whatthis is here is just some fibro pack and because of the age of the building, wedhave to suspect some asbestos as well, but having a look at it as you can see itsall sealed.Its all unusually daunting, having so much asbestosin my home. Theres no need to be worried, everythingweve looked at, is sealed and safe, theres no likelihoods of exposure of asbestos fabrics intothe air. There is one thing we will look at is that lino which Ill take a sample awayfor analysis, and Ill get back to you on that but everything weve looked at todayis fine I learn people working on assets, doingrenovations, little projects. I look people not taking the prudences. Nothaving the proper PPE. Using power tools, angle grinders.Ive even watched beings doinginterior strip-outs of homes and propelling the stuff on the breast lawn for the kids toclean up or whatever last-minute. No concern whether youre a homeowner doinga do-it-yourself project or a tradie, if youre doing any redevelopments on a dimension that hasasbestos or you suppose has asbestos, youve got to take precautions.I dont think too many parties take it serious until they actually know somebody theyvelost or it alters themselves. That is all too late.It may merely take a couple of instants now to drill a excavation or knock cold a wall, but actually, is the risk worth it? The safest practice to succeed asbestos is knowingwhere its located.If youre removing it then get a licensedprofessional to do the job, or if its minor upkeep, then make sure you or the contractorin your room is using safe work procedures and the freedom equipment.Definitely dont broken off asbestos membranes and keep it wet down and wrap in thickplastic until it was possible to safely disposed dont want it to affect the healthof your own family or that of your neighbours. Disposing of asbestos correctly is reallyimportant more. The first port of call should be to contact your local committee for advice.If youre concerned about succeed completed by a contractor on asbestos at your plaza, then contact Workplace Health and Safety Queensland for more help.Often its best to let sleeping bird-dogs lie. If asbestos doesnt need to be disturbed, then dont handle it. Visit the Queensland Government website formore information: asbestos.

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