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All claim, here “theres going”. Okay, so, an public is here to see a playcalled “Arabian Nights.” It’s our substantiate. Joe is our genie, and we literally ascendancy his actions. So, this is our friend Chris O’Neill. He’s a Broadway star from “The Book of Mormon.”[ Sighs] Life is tough. If only I were a ruler. What’s this waste?[ Rasps] Q: Oh, now comes Joey.[ Laughter] Are you a genie? Yes.[ Laughter] Can I wishfor anything I miss? “Genie does as you wish.” Genie does as you wish.Can you fly? Genie does as you wish.[ Laughter] Turkey jerky.[ Laughter] Genie does as there is a desire.[ Crash!][ Audience “ohhs”][ Laughter] Genie does as there is a desire.[ Crash!][ Audience breaths][ Laughter] I wish for a palace. Genie does as you wish.[ Crash!][ Laughter] Sal: Look at the audience.[ Laughter] I got caught right in the throat with the[ Bleep] carpet. You’re not done hitherto. That’s just Deed 1. Oh,[ bleep ]. This is the finest palace I’ve ever seen. Oh,[ bleep ]. s to be here by my back right now. It’s the most magnificent palace I’ve ever seen![ Laughter] Please, I can’t wait any longer.[ Laughter] once and for all! Genie does as you wi–[ Audience chokes] Woman: Oh! Oh, my God. Q: His gasps! He’s holding his pants up. The fibre popped offthat was holding it. We approximately lost Joe. Joey, it’s not ove3, the big concl. Genie, thank you so much for making all my dreams is true. My pleasure.Congratulations on everything. That’s not your thread. Everybody is collected. Let the ceremony begin.[ Crash][ Audience breaths][ Laughter] When I was a young son, I never imagined meetingsomeone as beautiful as you.[ Laughter] Now all these years later, here I am, exchanging oaths.[ Crash!] Joe: All privilege. I never felt I’d fall in love …[ Laughter] Sorry, sorry about that. Joe really swipe the wall . … that resulted me to you.[ Audience breaths][ Laughter] I think we’re gonna have a really nice, beautiful, amazing man together. Joe: Congratulations.[ Laughter][ Bleep][ Glass crushes][ Audience gasps, humour][ Audience murmuring][ Laughter] Man: Huzzah! They are married![ Applause]

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