Asbestos Management for Strata and Commercial Buildings Part 1

The asbestos safety and eradication Act 2013. So what we’re talking about is the Act and likewise looking at asbestos and the proposed regulations how that is controlled and we’ll go through one of the absestos reports in part 2 of the sequence so let’s look at the statute so the bill was introduced on the 1st of July 2013 now from the asbestos the security and the abolition authority they were constituted out of this invoice; so this is a little bit of a background of asbestos and driving the impacts ofwhat’s been happening in the building industry where asbestos had been used in roofing andbuilding commodities over a number of years and from the what asbestos has caused, you are familiar with, in impact on beings that are doing renovations and developers so by having inadequate maintenance and disturbing the fibers has got intopeople’s lungs and it’s a terrible canker tohave that’s for sure so with the regulation of asbestos has been a little bit low over the the last couple years under theworkplace health and safety Act there was a management system thatwent in for managing the health and that ofasbestos and the purpose of this Act is to help people to…well to the removal ofasbestos pertained produces in Australia so underneath the workplace state andsafety regulations we need to have an asbestos registeron-site to for construct before 2003 to make sure that that’sbeen identified so what we can look at now so here’s our contact details so you can talk to either us or Sydney about this with some with any of your investigations so what we’ll do now we’ll look at one of the asbestos reports, so this is a asbestos report test for abuilding that that’s been done so basically you’relooking at the areas of the complex to be addressed what if there’s any asbestos in each ofthose areas and what samples have been taken so this is for a person corporate so there’s 27 residential divisions and alsothere’s some commercial-grade dimensions in there at the time and the asbestos has been identified in the ceiling sheeting so we’ll have a look at now so our first region we’re looking atis the driveway there’s no believed asbestos in such areas here so we’re onlylooking at the concrete driveway okay, so in the main building now they’ve got granite walls there’s no asbestos thats beeen supposed in there now we can see in here we’re looking at the fiber roof boards and likewise that the bars slice in now so there’s been a test that’s been taken to identify that there’s asbestos in that buildingfrom there; now asbestos is alright if it’s in good condition and it’s tightly oblige so there’s the 2 samples have been taken you are familiar with,’ cause it’s totally bound that’s the majority of members of the particles are encapsulated inside the in the panel so there’s now risk for that to go out and to be airborne formerly you start cutting this sort of stuff andthat’s when things start to the risk travels a lot higher.Okay access way so we’re looking at mainly beam design, sometimes you get vermiculite underneath the bottom of your stairways here and likewise some in the piping and too around the outside pits from the plumbing there switchboards , now the older mode switchboard often have asbestos in there in their compressed jam-pack your boundary hedge so this is timber so that’s fine but at least that road that identifies where the impact is in this building to manage that ….

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