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[ Music plays]( Narrator) Waste Transporters arenow required to report the movement of asbestos waste within New South Wales. WasteLocate has been developed to make it easy satisfied with these new requirements. Asbestos poses a serious health hazard. Illegal dumping of asbestos maylead to increased exposure of individuals to asbestos fibres.To ensure asbestos ceases up in the right place the NewSouth Wales Government now requires all movements ofmore than 100 kilograms of asbestos consume or morethan ten square metres of asbestos sheeting tobe reported to the EPA.( Male 1) So what are youdoing on your phone?( Male 2) Well as were movingover 100 kilograms of asbestos I need to use the EPAsWasteLocate app so we can track the loading from pickup to lawful landfill.See each time I pick up aload I log into WasteLocate and participate further details of where Im picking it up from, the amount of asbestosand then I select the equipment, pretty easy, or the HeadOffice can send me the details then I really select in and aim the number of jobs. All that intelligence getsstored in a WasteLocate and it generates a unique Q.R. 2. I.D.code for every load.( Male 1) OK. So what is a Q.R. 2. I.D. code?( Male 2) Its just like a bar code.Once the codes been allocated to the load WasteLocatetracks it like a allotment in the post from pickup locationto lawful landfill.( Male 1) So why would you need to do that?( Male 2) Well youve heardabout people cutting regions and doing the wrong thing. Some parties just take asbestos, lead drop it in the bushland somewhere, or down somequiet back road and then we all have to pay for councilor someone else to go clean it up , not to mentionits a serious health hazard.This new method, you can besure the asbestos is going to end up in the right placeand disposed of properly. So purchasers are gettingwhat theyre paying for.( Male 1) Well that soundslike a good thing to me.( Male 2) Yeah. It certainly is.( Male 1) Its been a pleasure.[ Music plays]( Narrator) Disposal equipment arerequired to display a WasteLocate Q.R. 2. I.D. dish which isunique to each facility.( Male 2) Then when I getto the landfill all Ive got to do is check the platenear the weighbridge. This tells the WasteLocate systemthat Im at the waste facility. If Ive collected more thanone load itll show me a listing of quantities that Ivecollected and all Ive got to do is tick off theones Im dropping off. WasteLocate will helpensure that asbestos aims up in the best place. It stopspeople from cutting recess and dumping asbestos in ourneighbourhoods and thats got to be good for all of us.[ Music dallies ].

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