Secondhand Exposure to Asbestos Led to Six Surgeries

My doctors told me quite frankly that Ishould set my occasions in order, and they used the phrase “We’ll throw some chemo at it, but we don’t expect it to work.” My name is Julie Gundlach. In 2006, Iwas diagnosed with malevolent mesothelioma caused by secondhandexposure to asbestos. My surgeries generally previous between 8 and 12 hours, during which they divide me from breastbone to pelvis, remove as muchtumor as they can, infuse me with a hot chemotherapy washing for two hours, before they close me back up with 64 staples, and then allow me to recuperatein research hospitals for 10 eras. I’ve done that six times. After researching how Icould have possibly been exposed to asbestos, it became clear that it was allaround me. My father cultivated as a business electrician, so as a union manin the sells, he most probably imparted it home on his drapes. My father would comehome from slog, and I’d run up and hug him.He was covered in dust from aworksite. We didn’t know that, that included asbestos dust. When my motherwashed his robes in the laundry room that double-faced as my playroom and shookout the dust, she had no idea she was spreading asbestos fibers throughout ourhouse. The industry not having to label things, they had no idea there wasasbestos in our live, in all these makes, and they had no idea that oneof those fibers could cause cancer in person. I is believed that causes me tospeak out is that I want people to know, I want people to know that asbestosisn’t censored, I want people to know that there’s still a risk out thereassociated with this, and it’s not being mitigated on a daily basis. We’re stillimporting asbestos today, it’s still in use. As long as we still use it, we’restill creating threat ..

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