Het asbest verhaal #118

hello good morning stupendous that your watching once again to a brand-new workplace video yeah i just watching how you guys commented on the last video I conclude I’ll solve it right away that’s not completely true, we where still talking about it precisely a moment a leave but we just decided to remove the pins that where in it here is one when they captured the tank they grind those of now we have a decent way to press the rods out here is 1 more band itself that sits around is already loose chaps look you can already turn it I already got it loose so now i hope that this pin will come out almost finished yes what that a contentious subject damper pads that does have some asbestos that subject blew some dirt trough the comment section some asbestos dust, don’t you think Dirk? -that was not good there are a lot of story’s about asbestos other direction parties gets the impression that severely affirm the asbestos is not bad for your state that’s why i want to announce that asbestos is bad for your health but a bit of it is of course a witch hunt if you find asbestos in corrugated sheets bind asbestos that is in fact not direct risky because then you have no loose fibers because after it was genuinely gets loose when you ripple the part or you go break it, or accompanied it or when you move stacked illustrations the dust between them can be dangerous when you breathe it in, it becomes hazardous over period because asbestos fiber is like small rods by the way, asbestos is a mineral not sure, but i think it comes out of de floor fibers because of the influence that are not able decently broken down inside your lungs largely because of its geometry is the main cause, that it leads to cancer if you breath it in Well it is true that with those kinds of liners see if you are going to brake there you get dust that liners render surely contain dust with asbestos that is of course not good if you breathe it in but the choice could take that into account in this case let’s not grind those liners the are in the back of the tank there is constant ventilation over it so that nature, you wont be exposed to it that little bit of dust really comes blown out that is absolutely nothing crazy about that, it’s a fact in most age-old autoes just think about all of those aged machines that are revolving around until when did they stop using asbestos do you think Dirk? maybe around the end of the 80′ s? – maybe even later then that i think, maybe early 90′ s that could just be -also, but I don’t know because – since i was born, it was known that asbestos was bad – so yeah no intuition well asbestos still occurs in many sits not just for him but for example insulation for example, sometimes its still in there in dat case asbestos is in a unbound regime and realise it really dangerous all that fluff you shut not want that at all in any condition -can “i m telling you” a funny story? -here in the Netherlands expending asbestos is illegal -but its still being produced -yes here in the Netherlands you cant import it any more -maybe they are right to do so – its just bad for you – but all those rooftops, that contain it, need to be removed -but the behavior they are removing asbestos now is really overdone, i am nut sure if that’s really necessary long floor short-spoken it’s not good for you you need to be careful if you want to handle it but you don’t have to over exaggerate about it if you have expose your soul to it for example if you restraint one by coincidence, during structure then don’t panic i know there are indeed people who died because of it but “i know i m” approximately sure, that it was because extreme revelation I’m not sure, but i think that’s the case -probable that a lot of beings died as a result of it, that used to work whit it the first reported cases of asbestosis, that’s how they call it, when you have it in your lungs I believe that those cases, came from beings that use to work in asbestos entwine mills that’s a only massive vapour of asbestos that those people use to work in – yes yes yes, there is no way around it, asbestos is dangerous – but sometimes you just have to deal whit it we have a couple of restraint here, that are in a decent condition and to replace them “i m just not” even sure if there are barrels whit out asbestos stringing in their own homes i do know that i use to work at a company worked on the secure winches there where brake tires on them can feed them again about me by the way it is possible to replace them you can loosen those rivets and change the blocks -we don’t even have to work on them i think therefore i am wondering about the absurdity of everything there is and for upkeep might as well take all those vintage cars of the road and make it illegal to work on them there is so much asbestos everywhere and look here there is no dust growth regardles because of this is constantly freshened in the rear in the rear of the barrel there are massive followers -maybe a lot of beings believe we where departing change the liner( Bas) there were those who said that so people, be careful whit asbestos don’t grind in to it don’t transgress it make sure it stays in one piece so that okay we talked anough I am going to continue my work -so what are we going to do today? i am working on this, it’s already moving I too “re going to have to” do that when it is baked this all this also get loosely brake banding is out I ponder -pay attention -why are you so difficult, I’ll take it out like that claim i did not work on it, before you did that -this is looking immense this one is done simply the other one that might be a problem we cant drill trough it the work requires actually long drill – a really long drill? a really long thin drill -I think we have a long teach there is a requirement to make one there is a requirement to weld it to something -yes that’s possible that is true that would be good good if can get it release -here is one more ow yeah we already tried that one that one we can remove these thing came out well we have to remove some rods whit brute force – those will come out yes yes yes that’s not going to be trouble its not that bad, needs some hard work this came out well, just welded a bar on it it’s still hot by the way those where to be bound by four aids -actually two together right? yes two of them one of them i had to cut through there was no chance of saving that one after that, they came loose then i used the dissect flashlight, to outlay the metal and whit slow movements together whit wd40 until all of it was moving an then, i removed this rod that went great, hopefully the other ones will go the same direction -it looks great Oooh! Well get the yellow and colors roadblock videotape Yes Or maybe not I grinded into the brake region by mistake – AiLook at that If it where asbestos Then you would have grinded into it Yes, then i grinded a little bit into it But, what where are seeingWait a little it Its not asbestos! It looks like some kind of soft brassOr is it steel? No it looks more like steel.Not like brass, its glistening Some kind of bronze? No i think its some kind of steel 0:10: 34.340, 0:10: 36.340 Watch out! Fire! But don’t do this at home. Oops! Sorry! Dirk: are you precisely playing with fire there? -Fun! But! Would it be loose now? There is so much WD-4 0 on it It seems like we need to start carefully thumping it. You find … … that one is in a horrible little corner there. I get this one out just now. This one( settles it on top) But that one, eh. Not relatively hitherto. I welded a nut on it … and when I sprayed WD-4 0 on it, it ofcourse started burning. Dirk: And then the shell went out, and you lighted it again! -You’re right, I blew it out. But Bas wasn’t there with the camera.-You were screaming for me So I lit it again( to be filmed )! Dirk: actually we are placing things here! -It was a put-up job! -Everything here is fake! -Prank, goes wrong. Bas: We will cut this out. -Prank goes wrong. But hey, this isn’t going wrong because…Just jiggling it , not putting power on it … … that might break it off. It has a bit of progress in it is currently. This will end well! Now we need to make sure that we don’t become too eager, and break it off. That would be bad luck … … because it then often violates off deeper in the hole which prevents you from welding anything on it. We had one of those cases on the other side. About there. See , now there’s…Dirk: But we didn’t employed much impel on the other one either -We did the other one carefully very but that precisely wouldn’t work. But this one does work. Let’s try my flamethrower again. So we approximately have the damper belts disassembled! This is the last one … This is the only one still attached. But I’ve notice a route to get wise out. Let’s seem, “thats still” hot ofcourse … So there’s a baton attached to this which pulls … … well it’s attached to the mechanism. This rotates down. And then there, or there, is where one half of the damper region becomes, … and now proceeds the other half, with a threaded spindle. So there’s two poles going through there.We will grond one out with a grinder We can only cut it off because someone else has already grinded a part off. Then it can come out. Which entails the two forearms under it come free and we can hammer them out And after that we need to get that pole out of the brake belt itself. And meanwhile Bas sounded! I told him we are busy here, -I’m busy extremely! -It’s almost done, simply one loop is still in there. The others are already out. And eh, … -You only chipped them out, I theorize? Or, what do you do? -Yes. Something like that yes. I thought about doing some filming myself! -Yes I was just about to ask on how the vlog is coming along.We actually need to go for lunch but we haven’t really filmed anything so far. Yeah this is definetly not .. Well .. Look at the magnetIts exactly sword Its really steel blocks Oke. So no worries its not asbestosWe got a little worried about nothing it seems. ThatsBest Its very good. – Or does it stick to that behind the plate? No you see it there, how glossy it is.That ain’t asbestos. Asbestos looks like…has fibers. Ha. – Okay, gathering hour. That’s great , nothing to worry about.So that means we can go on with a wire touch through all those crevasses and make it really pretty. – Then we have too…Then we have too, do too places with dye. Exclusively, we need to mask the pads surface, which impress the drums. – Yeah, the work requires brand-new liner. Yeah … – Asbestos Man-oh-man, it ain’t at all asbestos. Good-for-nothing are concerned about. That’s great.With removing blight, we can also work on there.Using the wire brush and others. It’s odd, the sides look like they’ve fibers.But … I think it’s just cast iron. – Don’t know if it’s cast iron.Look at that rough texture on the side. – Could too be because of the rust.- Lets attend. – The asbestos is springing out of it. Gibberish, it’s sword. – “Steel” Didn’t expected that. – That’s a stroke of luckIndeed. That’s sturdy. Oh that’s great, because we found another issue. Where is it? See this band/ fasten There they’ve … exploited a the slant grinder.We didn’t do it, but they probably did it when they wanted to transport the cistern. At least when they wanted to move it from it’s place where it was for the last 20 years. Look they cut into the strap. That’s good , now we can just weld that. Don’t have to be so precautions about it anymore. Yes- How would you’ve answered it if it did have asbestos? Then of course we needed to make a brand-new snap circle. – Yeah … What are you roaring about? Welcome to the break band disassembly department.It still turns with the center pin. This is already loose, you consider. – Get that, but this one not jet.No that one doesn’t really just wanted to. – Wait I make, if you block it, then I can punch that thing. Yes we’ve to do that.Only we can’t be reported that, oh wait Can likewise do it like this. – Yes, that’s also a way. It doesn’t like it, but it has to. – Yes it “re going to have to”, but if you positioned the wrench the other way around, then you can made it backwards. Lets do that.Well … Look at that. – Spray a bit more. Doesn’t want to grab on to it, right? The the secure only works in one direction Yea, it’s going to work. – Going well.There is movement. – It’s wiggling. We’ve to try to crush it to the surface. – Okay. Oh if you relieve the tension, then it turns even easier. – No it needs tension on it.You just filched it.- I hoisted it and then…I had it like this .. and then … – Can I … “Are you doin ” it again with a screwdriver. – Using “no force” Use the pry tool- Using the lever tool It’s coming of … it’s already .. See that. Do you see that? – Wait, need large one.Got that. [* oh oh oh* excitement* oh oh oh *][* h* praising* h] [* woo* celebratory* chase *] – The asbestos components. See this, wait need to remove that. – Well, I think it’s looking delicately. Check it. – Great. Yeah That’s how we’ve done it all the time. – Looking immense, right? Great right? Here is a … a violate of one..need to remove that one, there. – Here is also a ruin of one, needs also to be removed. Yes. – Let do that first. – Fire( NL: Brand ), feel the band? The restraint party. Yes…that’s … Yes the damper cliques are all loose, but now … on each restraint band there are 3 wove rods is connected to it. See that, with a pit in it and it has return springtimes attached to that.That’s of course for when the band is detached from the rhythm, … it gets plucked away, preventing it to rest onto the drum. It’s all adjustable with nuts. Adjusting the height of the threaded rod. If everything wasn’t confiscated up with rust-brown. of course it is, so we’re trying to remove it. And this is number one. There’re 3 per brake strip eras 4 restraint straps so … – Imagine you replaced. It would be nice if these are willing we already tried five times, here are weld filled nuts and stuff.And now we’re going to try to heat it up. – Do it.Okay makes do it quickly. – Yes there is again … Bas: Hi hello.Hi hello, we just got back from the live creek. We really did a live torrent for the patreons. Bas: fine chatting. But, you’re quite hectic with editing, subtitling and substance. So we didn’t film a lot. But in the meanwhile we did push through.Bas: And I didn’t? Bas: That’s clear.- Real macho, right? See this We really talked about those things that wouldn’t come of, one of the purposes of the brakes.See this then. – We got the trick, right? Got them all. We used the torch and blared the nuts and material red hot, comes right of. With no exertion at all – OkayThey’re all out, they’re situate there. Yes, you can tell what you did there. – There, hanging, are also pretty things. You did that in the meanwhile.- Yes depicted and emptied that. – And depicted everything gray-headed for tomorrow, so..- Monday we can That’s great, the whole setup from the guide clutches can be put together. – Put in the gearbox.And the damper factors is gonna be covered grey-haired. And the restraint stripes themselves, the rust-brown can be removed and lay in the primer. – YesAnd that tells us, that … At the end of next week the whole mechanism will be put together. – At the end of next week the engine can be placed in. We have to see … Next week we’re too expecting the little one, so .. – Then I’ve articulated the engine in by myself. Then you’ve to do that on your own. – Then it’s unfortunate for you, you can’t attend. It’s convenient that I’m right next door, can got my eye on, if the wreak continues.Enough blab – Until next week. It’s unfortunately the end, see you tomorrow with the mail vlog. Bas: the commentsWait the comments. – Well gosh, did you forget the comments? Virtually forgot it, how terrible.Lets witness. That don’t want….no … Of direction it was quite a remarkable vlog/ explains – Yes, but we handled that are currently. Check it. These are the comments from vlog #117. There’s also a fairly long one. First,’ Duke Nukam’ “I simply understand Hey menshe! guten Morgen! Topto tili vikaike But i still watch” Bas: Laughed about it tooGreat right. – Okay continue.You don’t know it, right? Duke Nukem.’ Matthijs Boef’ If you require brand-new brakelining, I’ve bought industrial tier stringing with well-liked thickness and diameter at( website) in Alkmaar. You can send them a converse and I found it fairly cheap.I got 2m ordering with 8mm thickness and 100 mm width.Can be sounded on or glued on as i, can also be baked in the correct appearance, they’ll become hard and keep there shape. It’s of course free from asbestos. – They’re made of steel. I’ve worked for a company here …. and they…needed to do business quite often on old-time winches from different makes. And often the brakes where ended, the liner came of or interesting thing .. We got a company who could rewrite them.Send them away and they came back, sandblasted, covered and with new liner. – Really? Yes. – Isn’t required with these.No no – This we can patch up ourselves.Ain’t required, because they’re still okay. Only cut in them, they’re steel lining , not asbestos.No problem at all. There isn’t nearly any asbestos in the tank, exclusively in the manifold. – Oh no we didn’t film …. yes we did film that. Yes we filmed it.Accidentally cut into it. – Okay next one.Lets investigate.’ Lesley van der Vliet’ says: Nice job people. Wondered for quite a while, what kind of moves licence do you need for driving a tank? This container isn’t allowed on the public roads.So, in this instance you don’t need a motorists licence.I guess. And if you’ve one that’s allowed on the public road, with rubber pads on the road and no turret with canon, I think.Don’t know exactly. Then may … – I think it’s allowed, since they are did that likewise at “‘t Harde”. – They also drove on the street.That wasn’t public road. And they were from the army.- Then everything is allowed. Yes, they got the right documents for to along the road. But, if there isn’t weaponry on it, went rubber padded moves. Then for the law it’s a heavy vehicle. And then you are eligible to even insure it as an unregistered heavy vehicle, an agricultural vehicle/ equipment.- As a tractor.- Then you need a tractor moves licence.Yes, I think so. Nowadays it’s a tractor operators licence, a auto motorists licence isn’t enough. – No Don’t know in detail, don’t dare to state it.Probably some observers know it exactly. And else you can find it on google.- So you need a tractor operators licence. – And that’s not included with the car, so…But isn’t…I don’t have to have the licence, but you .. – But I do, you got it included and I don’t. – Great storey, lets…Nice and short.Folks, thanks for watchingand until the next one. Subtitling byBadwords, HuGo, Landellus, Lord Peanut.

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