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yep asbestos it’s in the walls it’s in the floor but it’s not on the popcorn junk on theceiling and what does asbestos removal and trimming my own whisker have in common thingsi probably shouldn’t diy but i will anyway welcome back to the renovlog if youhaven’t seen the first bout in this series check the description below for a link tothat but mostly i’m taking this 1970 s house and it’s many outraging strata of previous diyattempts and turning it from drop to dream dwelling so i’ve received the results from the hazmat surveythat we had done right when we got possession of the house here’s an example of the samplestaken from the house little piece of drywall missing there covered with duct tape and theresults are yes there is asbestos in the house it’s in the seam combination in the drywall upstairsand in the entryway but curiously not in this room confirming my suspicion that this space wasfinished last-minute probably much later than the rest of the living space in the house.Asbestos isalso in the material of the vinyl sheet flooring under the laundry room peel-and-stick tiles andunder the tiles in the entryway the asbestos in the walls is deemed to be a moderate gamble because ofthe lower accumulation used in the joint compound and that’s a good thing because that’s whati’ll be dealing with first and foremost while i rend all the drywall out of this situate and imay be able to just leave the vinyl flooring and keep it coming embraced up permanently though i doplan to go through some of the concrete here to change out some plumbing but that’s quite aways off. now what do i do with this information i started ripping into this room because it doesn’tcontain asbestos and pretty soon i’ll be removing the rest of the drywall in here and it’ll make forgreat practice on understating the mess while i’m dealing with something that’s not hazardous, beforei deal with something that is hazardous upstairs. this room will be part of our temporary livingspace while i reno upstairs, but it’s also where the well argument comes into the house and it’s wherethe electrical body is and apparently the kitchen settle drains into here.This room was not finishednicely, either another diy trouble or a awfully hastened or underpaid contractor came in here sothere will be no rends shed over the drywall the ceiling everything being rent out of this room.quite the day over here there’s a horse outside. with this room opened up i’ll be able to upgradethe electrical and reroute the plumbing not to mention upgrade the installation of the walls doa better vapor barricade and only a channel better task with drywall hopefully. but that’s not all i’vebeen doing in the downstairs temp living space. i removed the lowering ceiling throughoutthe rec room, laundry room, and bathroom. i put down a cheap carpet in the rec room to cozythe place up and i set some cable and imperfection screen in the shed to keep out pests since we’llbe accumulating a great deal of stuff in here in the meantime. so it is becoming a little bit more livable downhere but i too couldn’t help myself and started to rip into things upstairs.I needed to drill ahole through this flooring to get the internet modem into the rec room and out of the acces and i figuredi may as well rip up the flooring in here since it already had a gaping hole in the middle of theroom. it’s pretty fill to have that junky floor out of there. and i got to work tearingapart the kitchen we actually already have the brand-new kitchen cabinets. my parents were kind enoughto go through the huge hassle of picking them up from ikea after i sought them online. it’s allcurrently sitting outside containers in their garage so i’ll be trying to get this room ready assoon as possible to get that out of their style. other than that i’ve primarily been picking awayat things. i cleansed off the roof and cleared out the gutters which were developing theirown ecosystem up there.I researched out this cell phone signal booster since we get a pretty weaksignal now and it seems to help even though i haven’t been able to optimize the installationyet. and a great deal of my intensity has been going into getting my heading around our water. i established thewell has a flow rate of 5 gallons per time which is an important first step and i purposed up orderinga 50 gallon propane water heater instead of going with a tankless water system the space i had plannedbecause while i’d like to save the room a barrel will only be a lot easier to manage right now sonow i need to get a brand-new pres tank and since i just got the results back from a water samplei had analyzed i can start to piece together a filtration system.We have lots of iron in thewater that’s at least part of the reason why the washer is disgustingly yellow but the fact thewater heater and pres cistern are 45 year olds they can’t be ruled out as a big part of thatproblem very. so things have been slowly moving along but now i can finally begin to really diginto this place now that i know where the asbestos is and i know where it isn’t i know exactly whatprecautions to take and where and very importantly i know how i’m going to have to dispose of thematerials that i take out extremely drywall but before we get to all that let’s run some littleexperiments on this non-asbestos wall down now first of all i’ve got my brand-new trusty little magnethere which knows where to find the studs pretty easily it certainly latches on to where the screwings are locatedunderneath the drywall there you go that’s good to be able to see i can simply slice straight down thati can slice along the ceiling i can slice in the reces and then i’ve got a trick for hopefullygetting the bolts either out or trim around so that the expanse just comes off nice and easywith minimal dirt so first i’m going to situate all of these bolts that i can expending this magnetand to make it a bit easier to keep me on the stud i just have a laser level so that i can easilymark these out so far they’ve reliably set two fastens right next to each other because the twopieces of i’ll come here and share this stud okay so i’ve commemorated out all the tacks in hereand it looks like there’s actually a piece of drywall that maybe runs here because it’s gotdouble fingernails down right here doubled hammers across this direction that’s four hoofs off the foot sothat’s a sheet it’s actually not too big of a piece so who really be pretty easyfor my first assault here first i’m gonna do a little experiment with kind of a dullolder bayonet no dirt suppression let’s just see how much dust gets kicked up whilei try to cut through the tape up here yeah that’s actually nothorrible if i do subsequent sections trying to really go far deep that’s when youstart stirring up some dust it’s mostly exactly crumble so it is making quite a bit of powder itwas asbestos to be in trouble but hopefully i’d be able to cut the videotape pretty easily betweenthe two parts of drywall now and won’t have much trouble it’s ridiculous trying to cut alonga laser line when you’re standing in front of it so now i need to somehow get the clamps eitherout or cut around so here’s my first suggestion for that a half inch depression swipe this is like a leathercutting kit hole punch or something i just got off amazon hopefully this will just go aroundthe nail i can hammer through it and that fingernail will effectively no longer be holding thedrywall piece on the wall sheathe your ears there it is i can see it and it’s a screwnot a claw and that really didn’t cause much dust at all so it certainly isn’t a no messmethod it did make a bit of a mess down there but considering i’ve only put-upon brute force andhaven’t tried scattering anything or even working a sharp pierce not too bad i think this is prettyloose at this station i’ve gone and pierced all the screws and nails unfortunately there are bothso let’s see if i can really pry this thing off the wall now gonna need to slice the seams some morethere you go now you can tell that’s separated i’m gonna turn on the love to getthe junk moving out of the chamber now looks like i’ll need somemore slicing in the top and line-up but so far it’s lifting off the wall quiteeasily it’s messy it’s still spewing things out peculiarly right where i’ve cut itor swiped depressions in it yeah yeah well there you go i necessitate it’s less of amess than the tiny little boxes that i did that’s sure as shooting another method though i mean thehole punch truly did expose these screw intelligences even though i do have hammers now and who knows whati’m dealing here with upstairs might be all hammers but exactly going that little bit ofscrew leader revelation i could easily zip around and get the fucks out but i’d callthis a success next i’ll be getting a little bit more dust mitigation going on since i gota little messy who wears colors to do drywall gravely okay next we’ve got the foam testtwo reducing ointments and one suds clean and just dish soap and irrigate we’ll discover which one ofthese works best affixing to the wall and trimming through it let’s start with the least expensiveoption soapy water now we do have hard-boiled water here it’s full of iron so this won’t suds up as muchas i would like but uh let’s just squirt it on here and wow that wasn’t foaming at all was iti guess as long as i keep spraying it’ll work but now we go i’ve uncovered a fingernail let’ssee if i can exactly excavate this hammer out there you go claws out i guessit didn’t cause that much dust so as long as you’re invariably spraying soapywater would work shake well before and during use well it foams up pretty nice kind of have to sprayit above and it foams down below but then i lose my spot and i kind of have to find it again butit is catching all the dust i don’t know if you can see that i’ll zoom in after yeah it’s lettingsome definite extents of crumblies fall through but that’s starting more of a mess than anythingand i really can’t see what i’m doing so this is looking like a disappoint where the hell is the naili broke the nail head off so anyway this trash uh not my favorite not my favorite going back tothis one it’s nice cleans off the tool i like it keep the dust down this might be the way to goall right the least expensive of the two brands of shaving sud never actually use thisstuff shower face with warm water hmm i think i’ll skip that step shake can andhold upright we’ll do it over on a nail it seems they used nails aroundthe bound bolt in the field there “theres going” that stays neatly onthe wall i can isolate it pretty well gonna be a fastened in there let’s try to dig itout with the bayonet oh there goes all my sud get back up here okay i’ve located the clamp headi’ve got a nice mess on the bayonet to deal with and then i can simply unscrew the jailer now that ican see it and that produces very little mess but still spray bottle to continuously be sprayingprobably the best method if you’re trying to keep the junk down actually the scatter is even nicebecause it kind of scavenges off the pin foreman so the hole punch kind of exposes it there andreally i could use anything like a chisel then i can come back with a teach and time unscrew thescrews that might be the easiest and cleanest mode to do it now if it’s nothing but fingernails upstairsi’ll have to merely do a knot of mining around to get the fingernails to come out or really puncharound the nail totally either way looks like soap and spray is the simplest and easiest wayto go i tried some more exams with the scraping foam to see if it could be useful somewhereduring the long slices to break the sheet off of the smothering expanses the sud is great forcatching the dust and deteriorates so i’m going to keep using it for that while i use soapy sea toexpose the shaft and hammer tops after entirely removing the drywall from this room here’s whati’ve learned areas where they use lots of nails such as outside areas are a huge pain in the buttthere was a closet here it had a post right here and they used merely one tonne of nails in this area thecorner bead is held in there reasonably hard-bitten and it’s covered in seam deepens so i don’t think i’llbe able to do much about the dust and mess generated from removing those the tacks left behind from thecorner dot regard the drywall on super tough and i made a huge mess removing it i may be better offsticking a reciprocating blade in behind the expanse and trimming through the nails small areas likearound the door they used solely hammers no shaft at all and that stimulate it a huge pain to make thatarea off more i don’t really have been able to do that kind of thing without making a giant mess ifyou have a trick please let me know in the comments below on the full sheets it’s not reallynecessary to remove every single nail and shafted but shafts do come out pretty easy with practiceand i’ll continue to remove them this direction but if they’ve also squandered nails around the perimeterof each sheet upstairs i’m better off just letting them rip through now i just have a wholebunch of prep work to do upstairs before i start the serious material and hopefully in the meantime ican get an electrician out to upgrade the circuit breaker to a 200 amp work from our current 100 amp we’re too hoping to get a private pole throw in so that the rhythm can be put out there and theni can run the line that comes from the street underground in the figurehead ground rather than itscurrent situation which is coming from the street to the top of the house with a billion treebranches above them and that is it for this one don’t forget to throw this video a like subscribeif you haven’t and clink that bell so you don’t miss a single exciting incident and if you’ve madeit this far why not say hi down in his observations and i will see you on the other side ofthis asbestos adventure see you next time

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