Asbestos in Construction: Contractors

This is a cutthroat business. I have to watchevery dollar. I just show up and do the production. All the safety stuff that’s not my responsibility. You can just tell. I mean I’ve beenworking this responsibility for 15 times. I will tell you within five seconds what’sin there. Do I worry about it? Not actually. It’s about economy, money, coming thejob done, in and out. I get it it’s dangerous. We do everything we can to keep our workers safe. Isn’t that fairly? If you want to get another job, you just sayyes and do the project. When I think about all the jobs that we’vedone, and how we did them, OK yeah that’s scary. Who knows how many times I’ve breathed it in. But I’m good. Asbestos exposure is the number one killerof workers in BC.

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