VA Disability Claims for Asbestos Exposure

For over 70 years, the military used a deadly carcinogen in almost every aspect of daily life. Does this affect you and aclaim for interests you have been able? Hi, my figure is Joe Scott. I’m an attorney with Woods and Woods, a constitution house out of Evansville, Indiana and all we do is represent ex-servicemen in their claims for VA welfares. So the carcinogen that I’mtalking about was asbestos. A parcel of people have heard about it, but what was it actuallyand what was it used for? It was used in a variety of construction, from shipbuilding tohousing, to insulation, to electrical manufacturing. It was thought to be as common and useful as timber, glass, sword, rubber, but it was later found out to be extremely, extremelycarcinogenic or cancerous. So how does that impact youif you served in the military? Well, if you were exposedto something like asbestos, you have been able manifestations from asthma, to issues with your esophagus, you may have breathing difficulties, but you may also getmore serious conditions like mesothelioma, a particularly aggressiveand deadly form of cancer that reveals in thebody’s natural membranes.Sometimes, impacts of mesothelioma will not be seen for decades, which you can imagine is whya lot of veterans struggle in getting successfulclaims for VA interests based on asbestos exposure. VA will say something to the tune of, well, you were exposedto this a long time ago and you’re just now having this statu. We don’t think that’s connected. At Woods and Grove, we deal with conditionslike this all the time, so if you think that you have a claim based on asbestos exposure, or you’d like to know moreeven just about the VA process, give us a label or visit us on our website.I’m Joe Scott with Lumber and Grove. Thank you for watching.( upbeat music ).

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