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I’ve done flooring for twenty yearsand I know that, you know, in the past I’ve been in contactwith asbestos-related commodities and I was gonna ask :’ Is there any course that you can, you are familiar with, perhaps prove you know say fifteen, seventeen years ago that I’m, you know, that it may have hadan effect on me, you know, up to now? Yeah, how does “whos working”? Yeah, that’s a great question becauseif you think of asbestosis or any of the diseases that are caused byasbestos they’re all progressive illness. So, you go back 17 years, andpersons coming to be subject to asbestos, say doing floor tiles, he wouldn’t seea problem until probably about now. That special predicament, or let me go to the material itself, the flooring industry was real, real badwith respect to the use of asbestos and information materials, the flooring and tile itself, the adhesives, and really a multitude of things. And the modern period, you don’t typicallysee that in flooring today but when a flooring guy wouldgo in and remove flooring and things like that, to put down new storey, and that’s when you get exposed today.But back in the old daysthat was pretty common. Talk to our viewers and people likeGreg about the statute of limitations as it would apply to an asbestos occurrence because we’re talking about exposure that occurred many times, numerous, years ago. Help our viewers understand that. Well, the statute of limitationis that prescribed period when you can bring a suit. With respect to a person beingexposed to asbestos or one who would liketo bring a claim in Alabama, you’ve got to overcomewhat’s called the upright 79′ principle. So, once you show that a person wasexposed past 1979 to an asbestos make, then you can bring a suit. But for the most part, most of these casesare filed in many other positions where that particularunique rule is simply, well, just saying that ruleis actually unique to Alabama ..

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