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Katie Golde: Hey, guys. It’s Katie from MattressClarity. I am so excited because today I get to talk to you about Sleep Number couches. We’regoing to cover all things sleep figure, what a Sleep Number is, what kind of berths theyhave, all the construction and details. I’m going to become some recommendations foryou, and too give you some things to consider. If you’re ready to learn more about SleepNumber, stick around because we’re about to dive straight-shooting into these berths.[ music] Katie: If you’re shop for a brand-new mattressand you want to see our favorite collects, just google, “Mattress Clarity best mattresses.”It will be that first link that sounds up. Let’s talk about Sleep Number and Sleep Numberof plots and Sleep Number numbers.What does it all mean? As I have just mentioned, Sleep Number has beenaround for a long time, since the late’ 80 s, and they’re really knows we their adjustableairbeds. What that implies is that no matter what Sleep Number bed you get, and dependingon the immensity, you’re either going to get one or two adjustable breeze enclosures inside yourbed. You are going to control how full those air assemblies are. With either your smartphone app, or a remote, you’re going to add or deflate air inside those breeze assemblies. The more air that’s insidethe breath cavity, the firmer the bed’s going to be. Likewise, when you liberate air, thesofter the bed’s going to be so it gives you a lot of control. It also transitions and correlates to theSleep Number. Sleep Number is a number from 0 to 100 that helps assess your preferredfirmness position. The closer to zero the softer your bunked penchant “re gonna be all”, the closeto 100 the firmer your berthed penchant is going to be.I’m personally somewhere in the 70 s with mySleep Number because I prefer a medium firm berthed. You can always go to a supermarket and havethem help you person put your Sleep Number. If you get a Sleep Number bed at home, youcan also use all the amazing technology within the bunked that we’re going to talk about tohelp you figure out your Sleep Number as well. You can adjust your fits of your breeze chambersand determine it to your elevated Sleep Number either applying a smartphone app that will comeswith your bed or a remote that you can buy at additional cost. Let’s talk about whatyou’re going to get when you get a Sleep Number berthed. The majority of the prototypes that are outright now are 360 -degrees Smart Bed. What that symbolizes if you’re going to get thateither single or dual aura chamber so no matter what, you’re going to be able to inflate ordeflate that bed, but you’re also going to get some really cool sleep promoting technology.What that represents is you’re going to get SleepIQ technology which basically takes your Sleep Number and defines your bed, but then tracksyour sleep expending amazing sensors inside your bunked. It’s going to line your heart rate, median breathing pace, your fluctuation, and take all that information, and facilitate give youa picture of what your sleep looks like at night. You’re going to wake up the next day, lookat your phone and your app, the Sleep Number app, and it’s going to show you some amazingthings that help you optimize your sleep.You’re going to get the Sleep IQ technology.You’re too going to get something really cool, which really induces it a smart bed. It’sa accept breeze technology. This is going to help adjust your berthed whileyou sleep at night. Your Sleep Number’s going to say, “Start at one number during the night.”If you move around, if you’re not pleasant, the bed’s going to adjust itself, adjust thatnumber to help you stay asleep all darknes long, which is really pretty cool.You’re goingto get those two patches to new technologies in every 360 -degrees Smart Bed. The last thing you’re going to get is comfortlayers. This is very important because these are the strata that are going to be betweenyou and that large-scale movable breeze chamber down below. They’re going to diversify. There’s going to be more basic options andmore palatial alternatives. That’s going to change what type of comfort layer and how much ofthat comfort bed is in your berthed, but it’s mostly four different accumulations. You’ve got your Classic Series, which is themost basic. Then Performance Series, Innovative Series and the Cooling Memory Foam Series.They’re going to add technology, add ameliorated facets, depending on which serials you get.There’s also specific examples within each serial that we’re going to go over, but there’s alsotwo price couches. I want to mention these because, of course, they’re a good deal because they’re a value bunked and they have everything I simply talkedabout except that responsive breath technology.You’re going to get sensors, moving, allthat stuff, but it’s not going to move and adjust the bed for you overnight. That beingsaid, you’re going to get a lot of enormous pieces at a good price. Now let’s dive into eachof these accumulations. I’m going to tell you more about the poses. Let’s talk about the Classic Series. Thisis the most basic series of berths. There’s two mannequin alternatives in here.It is it 360 -SmartBed accumulations. You’re going to get the air enclosures that you can control the inflationand deflation, of course. You’re likewise going to get that sleep IQ technologythat’s tracking your sleep, plus the responsive air technology that’s moving the berthed at nightto help you stay cozy. You’re getting all of that, and there’s two different modeloptions as I mentioned, a c2 and a c4. The c2 is eight inches tall. It’s got twoinches of comfort mantle. It’s gel-infused sud. Then C4 has nine inches. It’s nine inchestall. It has three inches of that consolation mantle. The premiums is certainly, going tochange. I would encourage you to look at auctions. In general, the c2 is right around $1,000 for a mistres, and the c4 is about $1,700 for a queen.Next up is the Performance Series of SleepNumber Beds. These are very popular berths because you’re getting an additional level of pressureleaving comfort foam in there, which is very nice, but it’s also not the most expensiveoption, so some people find this to be the best fit for them. What you’re going to get is, all the samethings as the Classic Series that dual adjustability with those air chambers, the sleep IQ technology, and that accept breath technology. The tracking and the free movement of persons, all that’s included. You’regoing to get that added exclusive pressure-relieving comfort layer, which can add a lot of comfortto your bed, of course.You’re going to get p5, p6 or pSE as youroptions. PSE necessitates special edition. Depending on when you watch this video, this may ormay not be available at the time, but we’re going to go over it right now anyway. The P5 is 10 inches towering. It has four inchesof a combination of plush comforting comfort seam in there. It’s just around $2,400 fora queen size. The P6, which is one of the most popular of all the mattresses, is 11 inches towering. It has a five-inch comfort layer. Again, a mix of technology, but mainly a lotof pressure-relieving comfort foam in there, and that is right around $2,900 for princes. Then a special edition option is also 10 inchestall and also has a four-inch comfort layer, which has induced it a little different mixturethan the P5. That one starts for just about $ 2,800 for a queen.Of track, these are atfull price. I would recommend definitely checking out their auctions. Now we’re on to the Innovation Series of SleepNumber Beds. This is like the crme de la crme of Sleep Number Beds. They have somuch going on. Each sequence and each collection build offthe other, you’re getting everything that both the Classic collection and the Performancecollection have within. You’re getting some really cool TEMPUR-balancing qualities aswell. You’re going to get, of course, the dual airadjustability. You each have your own air chamber you can control, get the sleepIQ technology, the accept air technology. All of that, moving all that adjusting overnightto help you sleep. You’re getting the beautiful pressure-relieving layer, so a lot of addedcomfort. Then to make sure you don’t sleep sizzling, you’regetting some really cool TEMPUR-balancing sud in there too.This is all really interestinglyengineered high-tech inventive blankets within the mattress. You’re going to get three differentmodels. You have the I8, and the I10 and the ILE. The LE stands for Limited Edition. The I8 is 12 inches towering. It has a six-inchcomfort layer, so a lot of pressure relief, a lot of cooling, balancing temperature inthere with the sud and the channel that it’s designed and engineered. Of direction, if you think back to the ClassicSeries, that original first c2 model, is only two inches of convenience suds. This is threetimes as much foam. It’s going to be a really luxurious feel. Then you’ve got the I10, whichis the mothership of Sleep Number Beds. It’s incredible. It’s got all the pressure relief, all thatcooling, all of that solace, everything blended maxed out in this. For a king, it’s justabout $5,100. It’s 13 inches towering and has a seven-inch comfort strata. Who’s going toimagine there’s a lot of convenience going on? Limited Edition is the last option for you.This is 12 inches tall.It has a six-inch comfort layer, which has same dimensionsas the I8, but different compounding of the equipment and different coatings, and different foam wasbeing used in now. It’s also great for the pressure relief, great for the temperaturebalance. It comes in just about $ 5,000 for a mistres. The last streak and the whole collection ofthe 360 -Smart Beds from Sleep Number is the Cooling Memory Foam Series. Again, it’s alladding up and building up from all the other series. You’re going to get that dual adjustability. You’re going to get the sleep IQ technologythat’s tracking the accept aura technology that’s adjusting your sleep. You’re likewise gettingbeautiful pressure-relieving layers. You’re going to get delightful temperature-balancingfoam, but it’s all going to be that cooling memory foam specifies capsizing in that contouringexcellent pressure relief.There’s only one sit in this series. It’scalled the M7. It’s 11 inches towering with the 5 inches of convenience mantle in there. Again, maximizing that remembering sud feel, certainly helping to provide some excellent stres relief.At full toll for a king, you can find that at just about $ 3,600. We merely moved an in depth look at a 360 -degreesSmart Beds from Sleep Number. Let’s look at the two value beds they render, because theymight be a good deal for you as well. What you’re going to get with them is, again, thedual adjustability. You get your air chambers. You get to control all that. You’re too going to get the sleep IQ technology.It’s going to allow you to way your sleep at night and take a look at how you mightbe able to optimize your sleep. There’s no responsive breeze technology, which implies it’snot going to adjust during the night.It’s going to stay put. You’re going to get two different optionshere. You have the s1and the s3. The s1 is 10 inches tall. It has a 1.5 -inch comfortlayer that has five zones of support. These are mounted zones of support. It’s not going toadjust and reform like the other ones, but it’s going to be very consistent if that’ssomething you’re interested in. Then the S3. It’s fairly similar. It’s 11 inches towering. It’s got a European plush-style pillow pinnacle, which does feel very luxurious.It has seven zones of contoured support, so about two more zones than the s1. The s1 forqueen is just about $1,000 and for the s3 it’s about $1,500. I will say that you do have some alternatives withdelivery for the 360 -degrees Smart Beds. You do have the option to let someone deliverand set up your mattress, but with the Value Beds, they are able to really deliver it to you. You’regoing to be responsible for establish it up. I know I simply hurled a lot of information atyou, and you may be a little bit confused or uncertain of which of all the many SleepNumber Beds I have mentioned is going to be a good fit for you.Here I am to help younarrow down which one, by making some suggestions based on sleep penchants and sleep points. Let’s begins with the Classic Series. Thisis the most basic designated of mattresses. It’s the two options, c2 and c4. Of route, they’realso the most economical. If you’re on a budget and you have your heart set on a Sleep NumberBed, these “wouldve been” two to be addressed. Too, they’re going to be naturally firmerbecause the comfort layer is thinner, so you’re more likely to go through that convenience layermore quickly, and then feel that firmness from the aura assemblies below. If you are an average size or petite individual, stomach sleepers, in that category, this is going to be the best fit for you because ofthat natural firmness.Heavier sleepers, I worry that you’re going to fall right throughthat ease seam and certainly really feel too much push from the breeze chamber. Again, if you’re an average length or a petiteindividual, specially a stomach sleeper, I would check these out. As I has already mentioned, the Performance line of Sleep Number Beds are very popular. You’ve got the p5, the p6and that pSE Special Edition option. These are very nice. They’re not the most expensive, but you’regetting a really nice duo added inches or so of that bed of pressure-relievingfoam. For a lot of parties, that can make a huge difference. If you’re a side-sleeperand a back-sleeper, or a combo, or if you’re a marry and you guys both have very differenttastes and penchants, it was necessary to the perfect blanket. A good compounding for you guys to stay cozy, but still be able to customize accordingly and not feel like you’re spending all of yourmoney on your Sleep Number Bed.You’ve got the Innovation Series of mattresses.These are the ones that have all the innovation, all the technology and all of the layers.These are going to be a good option for those of you who are larger body types, heaviersleepers. You’re not going to move through these layers and smacked that air enclosure. It’snot going to feel super firm for you. You’re going to have plenty of pressure-relievingfoam with some stunning chill, temperature-balancing foam. It’s also going to be a great fit forhot sleepers as well. I would say, anyone who’s dealing here with pressurepoints or anguish, or waking up in pain, you’re going to want to consider the Innovation Series, or that Cooling Memory Foam Series to really help alleviate any pain and still have thatgreat adjustability with those air enclosures. We’ve also get that Cooling Memory Foam Series.It’s just one modeling, the m7. That’s 11 inches tall, but it’s got 5 inches of comfort stratum, some really beautiful, cooling storage sud in there.I’d recommend this representation for thoseof you who are coming from a more traditional, solid remembering sud berthed, where you’re used tothat slow response, that subsiding into the bed. This is going to be a nice, smoother transitionfor you because you’re going to still get that feel with that consolation coating, but allthe cool sleep-promoting technology, all the cool adjustability that comes with the SleepNumber Bed. Likewise, if you’re someone who has a lot of agony, maybe you’re arrange a lot of pressure on some joints — side sleepers, you tend tobe like that — I would definitely look at this series as well.Sleep Number also has their Value bunks, thes1 and the s3. Price-wise, they’re very similar to the Classic Series’ alternatives, the c2 andthe c4. $1,000 and $1,500 for a ruler for both of those in the Value-bed section. You’regetting different aspects though. If you remember, the Classic has the adjustable responsiveair technology. The Value beds are missing that. You’re still getting the sleep moving, butyou’re getting contoured zones of support that are already built into the mattress.They’re not going to adjust at night, they’re not going to change. They’re going to remainvery consistent. If that seems like a better fit for you, I is certainly look at theValue plots because they could be a good deal as well. We look back a lot of Sleep Number customers’feedback and put together some points that are things for you to consider before youpotentially invest in a Sleep Number Bed.One of the most important things that people talkabout is potential for sagging. What can happen here, from my understanding at least, is thatyou’ve got dual aura chambers. You’re each adjusting the firmness by inflatingor deflating your breath assemblies. In some specimen, if your spouse has theirs maybe completelydeflated and you’re very be applicable to a house mattress and want yours altogether inflated, it cancreate a sagging or a seat in between your mattress that’s not exactly even. Some beings have encountered wheeling overinto that on the night. I don’t know the solution to this. It’s just something thatdoes come up, but I have heard a few. Peek around on YouTube. There may be some DIY solutionsfor you to look at, but of course, something for you to consider. In words of operates a Sleep Number Bed, if you haven’t already go the relevant recommendations, there’s a lot of technology in here. There’s an app, there’s an adjustable remote that you can buy if you need it.This is not the same thingas going a bed put forward in a container, trimming it open, allow it expand and then sleepingon it. There’s more to the Sleep Number Bed than that. There are different things to operate. Airneeds to be allowed into your berthed[ shrieks] to inflate the breath enclosures. I would say, if you can add into your budget the ability for someone not only to come deliver yourmattress and your Sleep Number Bed to you, but to set it up and give you an overviewas well, that would be very helpful extremely if you’re not tech-savvy. If you’re not used to using a Smartphone witha tracker and an app on it, all of those things are going to be a part of that bed.You wantto use the full functionality. Merely know that, for some people, the ability to operate thisbed was a little bit more monotonous than they apprehended. We likewise got a lot of feedback from peoplewho were forestalled with the actual setup and the technical issues that they may havehad. There’s a lot of components to this bed in order to better to get it to work, to track yoursleep, and to inflate and deflate those breath enclosures as I mentioned. Someone can comeset up the mattress for you. If, for some reason, something gets set upimproperly, or something cracks and you need to replace it, a lot of ages we heard frompeople that it was very difficult to get people on the customer service end to send someoneout to repair it without expend extra money.For that, I would say, “Read the fine print.Read that warranty. Read that in-home trial period, ” especially if you are also gettinga FlexFit Adjustable Base with your Sleep Number Bed, which they do furnish. I believethose may not be included in home tribulations. Make sure you know exactly what you shouldbe getting, what’s covered in the warranty and the time period, so that you know thatif something does happen and you get person on the phone, you know exactly what you deserveto get. Some purchasers do report sleeping red-hot. Thiscan be for personal concludes. Some people naturally do sleep sizzling. A quantity of these beds do havesome quite dense convenience beds and there might not be a lot of air flow promotion betweenthat. If you do sleep red-hot, I would recommend lookingat the Innovation line or ones that render some more cooling, temperature-balancing materialwithin the berthed to help alleviate some of that. If you naturally sleep hot, this is worththinking about. We can’t not talk about the price. The mostaffordable mattresses at full premium for a princes are about $1,000, which is not in everyone’sbudget.When you think about what you’re getting, it’s more than precisely a simple mattress. You’regoing to get a lot of adjustability, you’re going to get a lot of personalization. Thereare sensors in the bunked moving your sleep. For those who are considering that 360 -degreeSmart Bed alternative, which is the Classic Series, Performance Series, Innovation Series andMemory Foam Series, you’re going to get that adjustability that’s adjusting while you sleep.There’s a lot going on here. That’s what’s driving the toll. It’s not necessarily abudget-friendly brand. I would highly recommend taking a look atduring major vacations, marketing hours. Clearly ogle because they’re typically rejecting theirmattresses reasonably often. All title, that’s a cover. That’s our lookat Sleep Number Beds. I hope you learned something, whether it’s what a Sleep Number is or whatyou get when you sleep at Sleep Number Bed, or what all this sleep-promoting technologyis. There’s so much to better understand Sleep Number Beds. Let me know if you’ve any questions or youwant a personal recommendation.I’m happy to do it. One more thing I want to mentionabout Sleep Number Beds, is that if you’re interested in trying them out, they do havea 100 -night ordeal. They have a 25 -year warranty and they have delivery and setup if you wantsomeone else to make love for you, which is a nice option as well. There’s a lot to consider now. We have aton of other mattress refreshes, so make sure to check out Mattress Clarity’s YouTube channelif you want to learn more. I’m always here for you, so clearly check back soon andI’ll see you again. Thanks.[ silence ]. If you have lung cancer and haveasbestos exposure in your past we were able. Give us a bellow. Let us march you through, we want to talk to you a little bit about your work history, we want tosee where that asbestos revelation happened, asbestos exposure and lungcancer are tied into some bankruptcy cartels and there may be somecompensation accessible. Give us a summon, let’s walk through it, let’s get itstarted and see if you may qualify ..

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