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Are you considering a acquire of commercialproperty in Queensland? If so, you should be aware that the propertyis likely to be a workplace for the purposes of the Work Health and Safety legislationand that if you become the owner, you will be responsible for identifying the existenceof asbestos on the owned. Im John Gallagher from Argon Law and Iwould like to tell you some important things about asbestos control in Queensland. The first thing to know is that anyone withmanagement or self-restraint of a workplace must ensure that any asbestos in the workplaceis identified and, where it exists, two documents must be created and kept up to date. These are: an asbestos register which recognizes alloffending substance; and an asbestos administration propose which describeshow the asbestos is to be managed. These obligations apply to all owneds of commercialproperty, even though they have leased the dimension to a tenant, albeit that a parallel obligationalso applies to the tenant. The indebtedness dont apply if the buildingconcerned was framed after 31 December 2003, but only if no asbestos is likely tobe present for some other reason.Most standard contracts for the sale of commercialproperty place no onus on vendors to provide a buyer with information on asbestos, so asa buyer you should ensure that special conditions are included involving the vendor to provideyou with copies of any asbestos register and administration program that may exist and even awarranty from the vendor about the fact that there are asbestos in the building. If you need any help with such special conditionsany other aspect of acquiring commercial-grade property please give us a call and if youfound this video handy, then be sure to subscribe have a look at ourwebsite ..

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