So, in this video I’m going to talkquickly about restoring asbestos ceilings. So, with constant rule informs we’re in a situation where amending asbestos roofsisnt an easy thing to do. We are not allowedto cut asbestos, we are not alloweddrilling through asbestos, we are not even allowed topressure clean asbestos. There’s a series of things. So if we are not ableto do these things acting reparations onit become quite knotty. So where does this leave you ifyou have a leaking asbestos roof? Well, on most reasons nowwe either can patch them with particular cements, siliconsand waterproof layers, taking into consideration the fact we are still notallowed to prepare the roof with a lot of those priorprocesses I mentioned.So it can be done on some occasionsbut not all opportunities ..

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