Asbestos Management for Strata and Commercial Buildings Part 2

asbestos conduct for strata andcommercial buildings this is part 2 of the succession that we were looking at before where in part 1 we were looking at the asbestos safety and eradication agency so that’s the agency they lay in for rid ourselves of the asbestos in Australia so that’s the primary authority that’s looking after that but what we’re gonna into was the management for the business constructs and their requirements that in there and we’ll go through the other report a little bit later on Okay, so any build before 2003 is required to havea asbestos register and it should be reviewed once every 5years to keep that up to date that’s where we’re talking about the obligations under that workplace health and safety Act so whoever is in the restrict of the workplace he’s a persons responsible and could beliable for not managing the workplace properly so that’s why we need to reduce the risks to the body corporate or the owners of the building to manage the asbestos as well as safe harzards Okay, so we need to make sure there’s a asbestos register in place and a control plan to look after them so that’s you can either contact Sydney or myself and we can help you out in those areas from there so what we’ll do we’ll go through one of the other reports and the other sections what need to look at.Alright so we were looking at the asbestos report andthen well gazing in each area and to see and howwe can identify what duties in the building and to work out where the asbestos sheeting is and how to manage that so once we’ve got that in our report thatneeds to be put into a registry so if we look in…so an asbestos handling contrive so whoever comes to an onsite needs to be aware of the the asbestos on site and what risks are they gonna to…or what method are they gonna to do to minimise the risk so they don’t agitate that asbestos also there is another document in here as well where did it extend no, it’s not that one asbestos cross-file, okay so…not it’s gone Alright, so whatever part of the building so we’re looking at that there okay, so it says asbestos management programme , now the other part of the registry that identified where the asbestos was in the building and whatcondition it was in so then that channel you’ve got that full management of the locate so you know where the asbestos is and the contractors know about where that is alright, so if we go back to our other slouse in now this is where we’re talking about the asbestos registry so that specifies where the areas of asbestos is in the building and there’s someparts in some of the buildings in the olderbuildings, some can be in the draw the little seats are being put into the windows that grip the windows into locate, there’salso sometimes some asbestos in there that we’ve meet and too some asbestos in the paint so it’s quite amazing where that where that has been found that’s sure as shooting alright, so once we got those sections in there so we’re looking at having an asbestos register in place so that’s what we looked at only earlier in this report and we also disappear the contractors handling contrive in place so we know that whoever comeson the locate the contractors know 1 not to perturb it and 2 if they need to if there is gonna be any aberration then there needs to be adequate measures in place and monitoring so we don’t shock the fibers or we need to wet down the field so then all the materially is encapsulated, so that should give you a bit of new ideas on how the asbestos means they go together, so you can either contact Sydney or myself and be able help you in meeting the requirements of the legislation

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