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Each year thousands of class across thecountry come face to face with mesothelioma. And hard working kinfolks throughout Illinoisare impacted. This silent killer, caused by exposure toasbestos, in anything from restraint pads to home insulation, can remain dormant for decadesbefore turning a life upside down in a matter of months. Unfortunately, because mesothelioma is a rarecancer, many preys have difficulty finding an advocate who understands the complex medicaland legal issues they’re dealing with. At the Simmons Law Firm, we want you to knowthat you’re not alone.We’ve been fighting asbestos business onbehalf of mesothelioma victims across the state for over a decade. To year, we’ve recovered over 760 milliondollars for victims living in Illinois. We have departments in both Alton and Chicagoand we’re dedicated to present each family the personal attention they deserve. If you live in Illinois, and you or a familymember has been affected by mesothelioma, contact the Simmons Firm today for a freeconsultation ..

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