What To Do When you Find Asbestos

hey Mike it's got around here how's it going 
thanks Carl of the channel let's catch up sometime   if you want to have a look at some healthy gear 
okay that's great I guess Hilti watch the videos   then I'm here briefly and I'm here for one reason 
and one reason only to pick up an asbestos sample   nails well I hope it's not an asbestos sample this 
is what we do when we come across a specialist on   a job we take a little portion of it in this case 
it's this vinyl flooring here and put it in here   and then I take this little sample to be tested 
let's go do that one of the ladies next door of   this shop saw me looking for a parking offered 
to let me park here very kind very kind now that   I have the sample I take it to a place in Penrose 
and they do like a same-day testing oh this place   is still busy look he's double-parked at the puck 
a decent distance away if you're in Oakland and   you want to get stuff tested I'll put a link to 
this place usually by the end of the day you have   a result so by the end of the zip so we'll know if 
this is asbestos or not okay thank you all right   they're taking precautions as well we would know 
by the end of the zip so whether it's suspicious   on now right now I've got to prepare for two 
things a job and Ponsonby and a potential lockdown hey you're healthy yeah yeah yeah healthy as far 
as I know absolutely this is like a safety store   they have hand sanitizer and wipes so I'm picking 
up wipes but they don't have any hand sanitizer   left so you so down to the hand sanitizer quicker 
all right doomsday creeping continues no hand   sanitizer I already have some but I wanted to get 
a little bit more because the thing that's going   on is panic buying and that sort of induces panic 
buying I like to think of myself as a relatively   normal person but when the crazy people go in 
there and fill up their trolleys with toilet   paper then you start thinking oh well what if 
I can't buy any when I go in and then use that   panic button so thing that's what's happening 
like she was saying that some people will buy   let 70 bottles now the job is in Ponsonby and 
we're planning to rip apart three bedrooms I   talked to the owner last night and that's dropped 
down to two bedrooms now with everything that's   going on and we're pretty much playing everything 
by ear the job could stop at any moment depending   on what happens with the news and everything so 
I'm going to set up a dust barrier that's a she   making them feel a lot better because we've 
separated the work area from their living   area so I'm gonna go back to the container 
now and make sure this dust barrier is ready so I struggled to find this zip ward open I'll put 
a link below and for anyone in Auckland that wants   to get some dinner so these are the poles you get 
a little pad there no look there's nothing on the   bottom I guess that just goes hard on the ground 
the idea is that you loosen that and then get up   to the height you want wow that's pretty hot China 
yeah you see that so if you don't know or what I   don't know if I'm doing here it's basically a 
way of holding plastic ceiling-to-floor so the   props just pin it to the ceiling and pin it to the 
floor without you know putting nails or screws in   there so that's a 3 meter stud but house that 
we're going to be working on the status three   point three so that's about as tall as it can 
possibly go all right so pretty much 50ml short   60 mil short so I've got an idea now I've got this 
post here that I've had for at least six months I   had it for a job but we didn't end up using it 
so what better way to use it than to just put   this on the ground put the props on top of it and 
then it will kind of help weigh down the plastic   as well and then to hold the plastic flared 
at the top I'm going to cut some of this ply all right time to use that vacuum thing again 
so you just plug that in there make sure that's   on order Chris and hold flashing green that's 
over one person hold flashing green should work okay slightly rounded edges so it doesn't split 
the plastic and now I need to put some sort of   like anti slip tape on it because the holes 
these are gonna go into the timber but the   timber is gonna be on the plastic you won't have 
this rubber tape anymore I only go grab that now   well that was quick spits this test results are 
already here let's go around carpentry we have   asbestos analysis Chris so tile white asbestos 
yeah so that tiny amount of vinyl flooring in   that kitchen has asbestos in it that's a bit of 
a bummer I own a business and I have to do it   like the proper full-on way which I'm not an 
asbestos removal person I don't have all the   gear so that's when I get a subcontractor in no 
matter the quantity even though this is only a   small area they have to get an assessment by a 
asbestos Assessor and that's like 1,400 dollars   just for that and then they have to set everything 
up to WorkSafe guidelines and remove it and the   whole thing would be somewhere between three and 
four thousand dollars and the other option is you   lever there and you make note for a future 
buyer or future resident there's suspicious   under the kitchen cabinets and according to him 
that's perfectly fine you're allowed to do that   so I better double-check on that and put both 
options to the owner and we'll see what happens I just charge on the battery so this job tomorrow 
and I'm gonna go grab some more materials speaking   of asbestos I remember being in Edinburgh and that 
to remove a ton of it in this building that will   work out and I was a little bit nervous about 
it because I I've recently learned about the   spell somewhat I can do so the ease my mind and to 
ease the mind of the guys I was working with the   manager took us next door and walked us through 
the asbestos removal area and you you had to go   for about six different doors and they're all 
kind of zip or plastic doors until you finally   got into the area where they were removing 
the stuff and they had a that a negative air   pressure fan that was just extracting constantly 
and then downstairs they had this big steel walk   and burn that was sealed when you shut the doors 
and all the all the specials would go on there   all right we're at level 3 level 4 and 48 hours 
that means lockdown literally just came through   now so that job is not happening I'm closing 
up time to go home this is a very weird feeling my friends going crazy Oh suddenly asbestos 
doesn't matter anymore all right I'm going   home and I hope you guys are safe I know 
in other countries you guys already have   the stage so you'll know all about 
it gets down here in New Zealand we   don't think of ourselves as exposed to 
these kind of things which is a little   bit naive evidently hey I'll see you 
guys in the next hottie hipster okay

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