An Asbestos Story

I didn'' t understand what Mesothelioma was, not
at the time, today I'' ve found out that it'' s the end result Of having Asbestos damage
and also it is something to fear I was 16 years old began benefit a building contractor in Berkeley power terminal Mixing the Asbestos in a 45 gallon drum for The laggers to lag all the pipes in the power plant No one informed us there was
any kind of dangers No person claimed regarding releasing masks or
breathing tools You simply loaded the point with water, reduced the bag & & chucked it in. dirt everywhere, and also just blended it by hand. There was 14 people and there'' s 3 left … And they'' ve all died with Asbestos
problems I was extremely angry that I couldn'' t not do anything I was extremely limited and also it most definitely wasn'' t fair on the other half Yeah, every single time we go into hospital he'' s. inquired about resuscitation and also they a lot more or less state that there would be no hope.
of resuscitating him and I'' ve always said where there'' s life there ' s hope You, you, simply don ' t realise. that even by taking the clothing that you are using residence Your partner might pass away of it … It is harmful … It'' s an Absolutely deadly dust … Collaborating with Asbestos have done for me. It have provided for me …

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